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What Does Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Do?

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People who are unpleased with their height often resort to natural or medical methods to increase their height. At this point, we encounter many options such as various exercises, nutrition styles, supplements, injections and surgeries. When it comes to this wide variety of options, the number of misconceptions that are known to be true also increases. In this article, we will answer “what does human growth hormone do?" and "is it safe to inject human growth hormone?".

As the Wanna Be Taller team, we would like to point out that we do not apply this method. Our only available method for people with short stature problems is height lengthening surgery; And we do not use any additional treatment methods.

What is Human Growth Hormone?

Growth hormone is administered by injecting it into the body through the skin. The main purpose of its use is to enable people with short stature problems to increase their height by supporting muscle and bone development.

This hormone method also helps to increase the rate of protein synthesis in body cells and to use free fatty acids in a healthier way.

Who Can Use Growth Hormone?

Growth hormone is a treatment method recommended by the doctor and is used for children suffering from growth hormone deficiency, Turner syndrome, chronic kidney failure and growth retardation. Although hgh not a method that can be used for children who have completed puberty, it is generally applied to children over the age of 2. At this point, we can say that growth plates are a determining factor.

When it comes to adulthood, it is generally not a preferred method. However, the first thing you should pay attention to at this point is to contact your doctor for all necessary examinations. Although the growth hormone method is not a method that can be used by personal decision, it is very important that all necessary examinations are performed by your doctor.

Is It Safe to Inject Human Growth Hormone?

Growth hormone is not a treatment method that you can use without guidance from your doctor because it has serious health risks if not used in appropriate doses.

After performing the necessary examinations, the doctor will recommend this injection in appropriate doses to suitable people. Otherwise, its use in unsuitable people or in inappropriate doses may cause deterioration in the structure and function of the heart muscles. At the same time, excessive use may also cause Acromegaly.

Briefly, it is useful to point out that growth hormone is mostly used for children with growth disorders. However, since this is a treatment method, it must be followed by a doctor and the use process must be continued by a doctor. Using the wrong dose can cause a wide variety of disorders.

Is Human Growth Hormone Good for Bodybuilding?

People who increase their body muscle index and do sports use human growth hormone to have a more muscular body. However, there is a known misconception at this point, which is that this hormone does not actually support muscle development. This is mostly a situation related to fluid retention, and uncontrolled use of growth hormone can have serious side effects.

So, human growth hormones for bodybuilders can be harmful for their health. Therefore, if you are considering using growth hormone for bodybuilding, we recommend that you visit a doctor.

Messi’s Medical Journey: HGH Treatment

If you're a Messi fan, we're sure you've seen human growth hormone and Messi news before. Do you know why Messi, who often comes up with this treatment, is actually receiving this treatment? 

Although many people think that Messi uses human growth hormone to perform more actively in football by supporting muscle development, this is not really true information. Messi actually used human growth hormone due to a growth disorder. Messi, who is now the perfect footballer, used the hormone for his childhood disorder and finished his treatment in adulthood.

How to Grow Taller After Puberty?

Although one of the first options that comes to mind when it comes to growth hormone height, the only way to increase height permanently, especially after puberty, is height leghtening surgery. The clearest answer to the question of how to grow taller after puberty is leg lengthening surgery; because the growth plates close after puberty, a permanent height increase method other than surgery is not possible.

If you want to increase your height permanently and you are looking for alternative ways to do so, other methods than height surgery will not fully meet your needs. To get detailed information about the height surgery process, you can review our article called "How many inches can I grow with limb lengthening?" or you can contact our health consultants directly. To reach us, you can fill out the contact form or write directly via our WhatsApp line.


1. Does HGH have side effects?

Its use in inappropriate people or in inappropriate doses may have various side effects. So, a doctor's examination is important when using human growth hormone.

2. What age should you take human growth hormone?

Growth hormone, which is not preferred for adult use, is mostly used for children suffering from growth disorders. The important factor here is that the child is older than 2 years and in the pre-puberty age period.

3. What is the best age to start growth hormone treatment?

There is no accurate answer on this issue because the child who will receive growth hormone must first be examined by a doctor. However, human growth hormone is generally applied to children between the ages of 4-6.

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