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What Are Supplements to Help Increase Height?

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Puberty is the period when height growth is at its peak. During this period, it is very critical for children's development to consume healthy food and do exercise regularly. As the puberty period ends, the growth plates close and it is not possible to grow taller naturally after this period. That's why the right supplements at the right time are very necessary and important.

Supplements that help increase height are a great necessity, especially for children in their developmental age. During this period, every step you take for your child's nutrition will support both a healthy development and a healthy height growth process. These supplements include oils, vegetables, and fish oils. If you are researching your child's height development, you can find the details in the rest of our article.

Does Fish Oil Increase Height?

Does fish oil increase height

Omega-3 is generally known for its immune-boosting and blood pressure-lowering effects. While some people consume fish itself, others consume fish oil daily. Did you know that this oil, which has many health benefits, also has a height increasing effect?

The period when height growth is most effective in children is generally the period when they have not completed puberty. All the foods they consume during this period are critical for their health. Fish oil is one of them. This omega-3 rich oil supports height growth by strengthening bone structure. In addition, the vitamin D it contains is effective in strengthening bone structure. However, there is an important point here that you have to consult a doctor before giving fish oil to your child. Since using such capsule products unconsciously may cause other health problems, a doctor's approval is required beforehand.

Oils That Help to Increase Height

Oils that help to increase height

Although it is generally not known much, some oils contain a high percentage of calcium and protein. These accelerate height growth by strengthening and supporting the bone structure of children in developmental age. If we list these oils; 

1.Sesame Oil: 

One of the foods richest in calcium content is sesame. If you wish to contribute to the height development of children, especially in the puberty period, you can give the oil of sesame seeds to your children. However, consuming it too often can cause them to gain weight, so it is very important to adjust the amount and frequency correctly.

2.Olive Oil: 

Another of the healthiest oils that should be on our tables is olive oil. Olive oil has many health benefits, and it also helps children grow taller.

3.Coconut Oil: 

Coconut oil, which we do not neglect in both our skin and hair care, has countless health benefits. As long as you are careful about excessive consumption, coconut oil is one of the oils that supports your child's height growth.

Vegetables That Help to Increase Height

Vegetables that help to increase height

Vegetables, which help strengthen our immune system thanks to the many vitamins they contain, also help children grow taller by supporting bone and muscle development. You can find vegetables that help you grow taller below.


Spinach, which contains many vitamins, contributes to the development of height especially because it contains calcium and vitamin A. Regular consumption of spinach by children in the age of development will provide serious benefits in this sense. 


Rich in calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin A, kale is among the most beneficial vegetables for height growth. Thanks to its high vitamin content, we can say that this vegetable, which also strengthens the immune system, is a complete vitamin store. 


Another vegetable that is one of the foods that increase height is broccoli. Being a complete source of protein, broccoli not only promotes height growth but also helps strengthen immunity. If your child does not like to eat broccoli, you can also consume it by making soup. 


Highly rich in calcium and magnesium, avocado promotes height development by helping to increase the body's absorption of vitamin D. Thanks to this vegetable, which is perfect for increasing height, both the body's need for healthy fat is met and bone development is supported. 


Thanks to the high calcium content of chard, which is one of the spinach fruits, it accelerates the height growth of children by supporting bone development. Although it is not in a food group that children love very much, they must be consumed for a healthy development process.

Do Height Growth Pills Help to Increase Height?

 Do height growth pills help to increase height?

We should firstly state that after the puberty period, your growth plates are closed and that's why your development period stops. In other words, it is not possible for individuals who have completed their puberty to increase their height with external supplements. This is only possible for children in their developmental age, and the pills are produced only for adults. Therefore, we can say very clearly that the height growth pill does not actually increase height.

Many scientific studies show that height growth pills may have many side effects for people. That's why doctors generally do not recommend these pills. Supplements that individuals use to increase their height permanently are not effective due to the closure of the growth plates.

Does Human Growth Hormone Increase Height?

 Does human growth hormone increase height?

Especially in recent years, the growth hormone injection, which we have started to hear frequently, is actually a growth hormone and is used under the control of a doctor in children who are deficient in growth hormone. This method, which is not very suitable for the use of adult individuals, should not be used arbitrarily. 

If you want to increase your height and you plan to use methods such as pills and injections for this, we recommend that you be careful at this point. After puberty, it is unlikely that the person will increase his height with external interventions other than surgery. Methods such as pills and injections do not support your height growth as well as various side effects. Therefore, it is absolutely very important that you consult a doctor and get information before using such kinds of methods.

If you want to increase your height permanently, the only method you can use at this point is lenghtening surgery. This surgery is an orthopedic surgery performed to increase leg length due to health problems or aesthetic reasons. To get information about height enlargement surgery, you can take a look at our article titled limb lenghtening surgery or review the success stories of our patients. For further questions, you can contact our patient representatives by filling out our application form.


1. Is there any pill to increase height?

Although there are height increase pills on the market, these do not benefit people whose growth plates have closed. Growth plates close with the end of puberty. Therefore, it is not right to say that these pills are actually effective.

2. Which vitamin increases height the most?

Although there are many vitamins that are effective in increasing height, the main ones are vitamins A and C. These two vitamins contribute to the strengthening of bones and accelerate the process of height growth.

3. Does height increase with age?

At the end of puberty, growth plates in the body begin to close. After these plates close, natural height growth stops. Therefore, it is not possible to grow taller as you get older. The only method available to increase height permanently is lenghtening surgery.

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