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Some Tips On How To Look Taller - Limb Lengthening Surgery

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Look Taller!

As we know that our outward appearance is reflected to our spiritual state, we pay great attention to our dress, position, hair, eyebrow, acne, nose and of course our HEIGHT. In this article, you will learn that short height, which is a problem for most of us, is not fate, and also you will learn how to look taller, or even to increase your height.

First of all, it is useful to mention that, girls’ height growth stop until age 18, it is 21 for boys. If your growth plates have already closed then there aren’t any exercises, or medication to increase your height. But there are many factors that make you look taller than you are:

Even a “self-confident” posture shows you taller than you are.

New research shows that self-confident people are stand more upright and are perceived taller by their surroundings.

What we need to pay attention when choosing clothes:

The black colors make you look taller and thinner. Instead of dressing very colorful, try to choose clothes with monotone or similiar colors that will show you taller. Make sure that the lines of your clothes are vertical. Vertical lines show you taller, horizontal lines show shorter.

“The narrower clothes make you look taller too. Avoid anything too loose or boxy and stick to cropped styles — ankle-length pants, ¾ sleeves, etc. Seeing that extra inch or two of leg or forearm will trick the eye into thinking that your limbs are just sooooooo long they don’t fit into normal clothes. It’s subtle, but it works. In a pinch, you can just roll your sleeves or cuff your pants, but it’s a good idea to have clothes tailored to fit whenever possible.

Practical Solution: High Heeled Shoes

Shoes can be a very practical solution that will show you as tall as it possible. Wearing high heels for ladies is part of the pleasures, but not for men. So it is recommended to wear secret heels for men. If you have lovely shoes that you can’t give up, then you should buy height increase silicone heels and insert it your shoes.

how to look taller high heeled shoes

Flats and strappy sandals, especially in light or nude colors, that show a lot of skin will help elongate your legs instead of just cutting them off at the ankles. When it comes to boots, look for styles that end just above your ankle, at the narrowest part of your leg, so that as much of your leg is visible as possible.” For more information, you can also see: How to Look Taller Without High Heels

The Definitive Solution: Stature lengthening surgeries

The number of those who have done an aesthetic limb lengthening surgery for the last 5-10 years has increased considerably. When demand was high, doctors developed themselves. They found more comfortable and more practical methods. If you are considering height increasing surgery; We advise you to do detailed research on surgical methods and successful doctors. Although there are some risks within the surgical procedure, it is possible to get good results for those who can not get rid of height complex.

For further information, please see: Limb Lengthening Surgery Methods

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