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Methods of Limb Lengthening Surgery

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Every year, many people from around the world are coming to our country for limb lengthening surgery. The main reasons for this high demand include the advancements in our medical field, the quality of services we offer, the touristic beauty of Turkey, and certainly the more advantageous costs compared to other countries. Compared to locations in America and Europe, our country offers high service quality at much more affordable prices, which has made it an increasingly popular destination for leg lengthening surgery. One of the main considerations for those wanting to undergo limb lengthening surgery is the “methods of limb lengthening surgery”. The advantages and disadvantages of each method, as well as their cost differences, are decisive factors at this stage. In this article, we have compiled the methods used in leg lengthening surgeries for you.

  • LON: LON method is a commonly preferred technique in limb lengthening surgeries. This method uses both an internal nail and an externally attached external fixator. Patients may experience some loss of comfort and aesthetics due to the external fixator being attached to the skin and its challenging maintenance. Nevertheless, the LON method has the advantage of reliably increasing limb length and allows for assisted walking. It also offers a more cost-effective alternative in terms of expenses compared to internal nail systems.
  • Precice 2: Precice 2 is a fully internal, high-tech lengthening device used in limb lengthening surgeries. This method stands out for its ability to perform the extension process internally, without the need for any external components, using a magnetic remote control. Although it is more expensive than the LON method, the Precice method offers a process where dressing and hygiene are much easier to manage since it does not use any external fixator. Especially the first 15 days after surgery are the most critical period in terms of hygiene, and after this period, the need for dressings significantly decreases, minimizing potential hygiene problems.

Comparison between LON and Precice 2

Besides cost, one of the most curious questions for those considering surgery for leg lengthening is what the differences are between the LON and Precice 2 methods. From the table we have prepared for you, you can see the current features associated with the use of both devices.

Özellikler Kombine/LON Precice 2
Uzama Sürecinde Yürüme Destekli yürüme mümkün İlk 2-3 ay temel ihtiyaçlar dışında yürüme mümkün değil
Görünüm Fiksatör mevcut Fiksatör mevcut değil İç cihaz (iç çivi + kumanda)
Desteksiz Yürüme 5-6 ay 6-7 ay
Ağrı Fiksatöre bağlı ağrılar yaşanabilir Diğer yönteme göre daha az ağrı gözlemlenmektedir
Tam İyileşme Süresi 9-12 ay 9-12 ay
Maksimum Uzama Miktarı Femur 6-8 / Tibia 5-7 Femur 6-8 / Tibia 5-7
Yara Bakımı Düzenli pansuman İlk 2-3 hafta sonrasında yara kapanır

Limb lengthening surgery is a serious surgical operation, and individuals need to complete necessary health examinations positively and have detailed information about the surgery process. When it comes to limb lengthening surgery methods, it is essential to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of both methods with an expert doctor. 

At Medzonia, our primary priority, with over 10 years of experience in performing leg lengthening surgeries, is to be completely transparent with our patients throughout the process. We aim to support them during both the surgery and recovery phases, assisting them in completing this period healthily. If you would like to obtain more detailed information about limb lengthening surgery and methods, you can contact with our patient representatives.

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