Can Height Be Increased After The Age Of 40?

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Height increase after 40 I Everybody must have unfulfilled desires in this life. Perhaps you couldn’t dare do things on time, perhaps you couldn’t do it at the right time or never had the opportunity to do it. Some of them may be marrying the right person, working with a better opportunity in another country, or increasing your height. Well, let’s get to the most crucial question; Is it too late to make your unfulfilled desire come true? You may come up with an answer for it with a quote.

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot. — Michael Altshuler

There must have been many people who have grown up dreaming of being tall like the most famous basketball players of all time. For instance, Micheal Jordan or Kobe Bryant. Those who wanted to be tall like them were once hung in bars like monkeys or turned to play basketball. Some of them might have achieved the height they desired while some might have become lazy and just left it undone. As a result, they couldn’t have the tall stature they dreamed of. Especially when the growth plates closed and as the age passed, that dream became an unfulfilled desire. What if it’s not too late? What if we could achieve permanently with cosmetic limb lengthening surgery? We want those 40 and over to fasten their seat belts firmly in the pilot’s seat and take the route towards the dream they’re aiming for.

Limb lengthening, in other words, height extension is a surgical technique that has existed in the medical world for a long time. Although it was previously performed for extreme cases or leg discrepancies, today it is applied mostly for cosmetic purposes. Gavril Ilizarov, a Soviet doctor who treated injured troops returning from World War II, invented the procedure. While the procedure has changed over the previous 70 years, many of the fundamentals have remained the same. The bone is cut surgically and a metal rod (intramedullary nail) is inserted in the bone canal. There is a variety of surgical methods for performing limb lengthening surgery. Nowadays, the most preferred ones are LON (The Combined Method), Precice, and Stryde.

We wanted our readers, especially those with the age limit of 40 and over, to benefit from the answers that they have been looking for. Most of them have been gathered under a few headings;

Age Limit for Limb Lengthening

Height increase after 40 I The minimum age limit for limb lengthening is 16/17 depending on physical and medical conditions, maximum age can be 55, or even up to 60 years of age as an exception. While the growth plates of individuals who are at the minimum limit should be completely closed, those who are at the maximum limit should not have any health problems that may interfere with the surgery.

Conditions make it possible for those aged between 40 and 55 to be eligible for limb lengthening surgery

Height increase after 40 I Some complications or disorders may occur as you get older. In fact, sometimes no matter how healthy we eat, genetic factors can seriously affect our health. The following articles are general conditions that determine whether patients are suitable for limb lengthening surgery or not;

  • Not having any serious chronic illness
  • Not smoking
  • Having a reasonable amount of weight
  • Having the will to be able to handle the postoperative process psychologically (The postoperative process can be intense and painful)
  • Not having any extreme deformity in the bone

Preoperative tests required from patients aged between 40 and 55 for Limb Lengthening

Height increase after 40 I Even if you have all the general conditions for the surgery, our doctor would like to make sure that you are suitable for limb lengthening surgery with some examinations to be performed.

For this purpose, some of the following examinations are required before the surgery;

  1. Orthoroentgenogram: It is required to evaluate anatomic leg length and calculate leg-length discrepancies.
  2. Blood Test: It is required to assess how well your blood is clotting, find out whether you carry some risk factors for specific diseases such as diabetes, and determine how different organs in your body are working.
  3. Bone Density Test: It is required to estimate the density of your bones. *(Depending on the doctor’s request)

Distraction osteogenesis in advanced age patients

Height increase after 40 I Unfortunately, the research on this issue lacks a consistent definition of age groups, making direct comparisons of various studies difficult. The progressive stretching of the soft connective tissues in the gap area between two separated bone segments boosts bone repair during distraction osteogenesis. Particularly, mechanical and biological factors are important for the success of the distraction treatment.

Even though limb lengthening is not quite prevalent in the older population, there can be a few challenges affecting the distraction osteogenesis;

  • Reduced bone mineral density
  • Comorbidities (The condition of having two or more diseases at the same time.)
  • Decreased physiologic reserves

In order to avoid such notorious outcomes of posttraumatic injuries, patients must provide the examinations mentioned above before the surgery and convey the results to the doctor for his review.

Post-Operative Complications

Height increase after 40 I Each surgery comes with risks and complications such as infection, bleeding, embolism, and so on. Limb lengthening is no exception and has its own risks & complications as well. For instance, giving too much pressure on the legs may cause nail breakage, and it is accepted as a post-op complication. Lack of proper dressing may cause infection around the pin sites (LON), which it can be given as another example of post-op complication. Every person has a unique physiology and some unpredictable conditions might occur such as non-bone union, slow bone union, or even premature consolidation. You may visit our blog writing to find out more information related to this issue;  “Limb lengthening Side effects, Complications and Risks” 

Let’s take a look at some example cases from our patients whose age were over 40;

*The picture below belongs to a 44-year-old patient. He did femur lengthening surgery with Precice 2 and had premature consolidation (fast bone union). Re-osteotomy was performed in order to continue the distraction.

*The picture below belongs to a 41-year-old patient. He did tibia lengthening surgery with LON and had a slow bone union at first. Yet, the doctor treated it with PRP treatment, and new bone tissues were stimulated thanks to it.

*The picture below belongs to a 40-year-old patient. He did tibia lengthening surgery with LON and had neither complication nor problem during the lengthening process.

Distraction osteogenesis plays a significant role after the surgery in terms of bone healing. Even though some research notes that there can be an association between poor regenerate and age, there is not a proven correlation result showing that advanced age patients have the risk of insufficient bone regeneration. Yet, the factors for bone regeneration can be predicted by measuring bone density and getting blood sampling.


Height increase after 40 I Height can absolutely be increased after the age of 40 considering the eligibility of an individual’s biological factors and physical conditions. Limb lengthening is not the most challenging operation, however, it requires proper care and safety in order to achieve the best outcome. Besides, there is a long and exhausting postoperative commitment, and if it is not shown sufficiently, it can jeopardize the whole process. Those who are 40 years old and over should ask themselves whether they desire to do this surgery or not since the post-operative process can be intimidating to go through.

If you would like to obtain more detailed information with regard to limb lengthening surgery, consult a patient consultation expert immediately.

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I m 41+ and wants to increase height How much cm i can get, it's cost and time period for full recovery


WannaBeTaller - Makbule2022-10-31 12:47

Hello, thanks for your comment. If your bone quality is good, have no health issues and the muscle flexibility is alright, you may achieve a minimum 5 cm from both segments. For a single surgery, we expect patients to spare 4/5 months for lengthening and recovery. For more personalized consultation please contact us via WhatsApp/Telegram +90 531 988 30 90 or e-mail [email protected] Regards, WannaBeTaller Team

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