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Are You Taller in The Morning

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Do you know why your height is taller in the morning and shorter in the evening? When it comes to the human body, it would not be wrong to say that we are a complete a surprise box. Our bodies are home to many complex processes associated with gravity, biology, and physics. One of these surprises is that we are 1-2 cm taller than in the evening since we wake up during the day. So, if are you wondering the answer to the question “Are you taller in the morning?”, you can find the details below.                

The main reason why our height is 1-2cm taller in the morning compared to the evening is actually the dynamic structure of our spine. While we sleep at night, the fluid in the discs on our spine is renewed and, accordingly, expansion occurs. When we wake up in the morning, we see this expansion as 1-2cm extra length. However, after waking up, our daily work begins again, and in this intensity, the discs become compressed due to the effect of gravity, causing us to feel that our height has shortened slightly.

How Tall Will You Be When You Wake Up in The Morning?

Our spine is composed of a specific number of bones called vertebrae. Between these vertebrae, there are discs that protect the spine from impacts, primarily consisting of a gel-like substance filled with water and a tougher tissue surrounding this gel. These discs reduce friction between the vertebrae, providing flexibility and distributing the load between them to prevent pain and injuries.

While we sleep, our body is relieved from the vertical pressure of gravity, allowing the discs to relax and absorb the surrounding fluid, expanding in the process. During this period, due to the discs' capacity to absorb this additional fluid, there's a slight increase in our height. This increase is typically around 1-2cm, but it can vary from individual to individual.

However, later in the day, especially when we stand up, the discs compress due to the vertical force of gravity. This compression causes the discs to lose their water content, leading to a decrease in our height throughout the day.

What is Limb Lengthening Surgery?

If you feel happy in seeing yourself 1-2cm taller in the mornings, but that feeling is short-lived, we recommend considering limb lengthening surgery. Limb lengthening surgery is a surgical procedure that has gained significant popularity worldwide in recent years. Through this operation, individuals unhappy with their height can extend their stature. However, it would be misleading to provide information on how much you can lengthen before undergoing the tests and examinations your doctor will conduct.

Whether you are suitable for limb lengthening surgery or how many centimeters you can increase in height will only become clear after the examinations by your doctor. Hence, it's not possible to give precise information on this subject. However, if you wish to learn about the surgery process, you can check out the video we've prepared for you or directly contact our patient representatives.

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