A 46-year-old Patient from Japan Getting Limb Lengthening Surgery for the First Time #3

A 46-year-old Patient from Japan Getting Limb Lengthening Surgery for the First Time #3 flag of japan

makbuljana wannabetaller team This writing is all about our 46-year-old patient from Japan who had his first limb lengthening surgery on 7th of March, 2022. He always had a dream of getting taller and had a strong will to go through leg lengthening surgery one day. As a 5.3 inch (1.66 cm) male, he did not feel so confident in his social life as well as work life. No matter how old he is, he decided to dive into this limb lengthening journey to achieve the height that he wished for. Since achieving 6/7 cm is not sufficient for our patient, he is aiming to do the second leg lengthening surgery depending on his bone recovery speed.

First thing first, he contacted our patient consultant to get detailed information related to the limb lengthening surgery. Because Japan does not offer the opportunity for limb lengthening for individuals who desire to get taller, our patient did some research outside of the country, and came across with our Youtube channel. He had an online consultation first to receive detailed knowledge regarding the procedure. The first contact was January, 2021. On the third time, he decided to make the deposit payment to reserve his surgery date in the beginning of March, 2022.

He booked his ticket and applied for e-visa last February to ensure everything was set before he arrived here. And, there he goes welcomed at the Istanbul Airport by his patient consultant. Although he had a 12-hour flight, he was not exhausted because of the excitement. He was pretty glad with the warm welcoming at the airport.


Next day, he was first taken to the hospital for his medical examination with VIP transportation with his caretaker. Before he arrived in Turkey, he had already sent some test results and X-ray images for the doctor’s perusal, and nothing seemed to be concerned. However, it is a must to do blood tests, seeing anesthisiologist and getting X-ray done before the limb lengthening surgery even though he did them in advance. After getting the medical requirements done, he had a face to face consultation with the doctor and discussed the procedure, risks and potential complications thoroughly. He is staying until he stands on his feet unaided and then, he would like to consult the doctor for the second surgery.


It is time to explore some of the mesmerizing views of Istanbul. Regardless of where you are from, İstanbul is a city which you can find a familiar piece from your own background. Our patient enjoyed his İstanbul tour a lot and did not forget to take some photos as a beautiful memory to commemorate in the future.


wannabetaller-height-chart-measuring The height of our patient was measured on the Wannabetaller height ruler and photographed. Next, he was taken to the hospital for the surgery. First, our patient was hospitalized, and then the anesthesiologist saw him to approve that he was eligible for the operation.

Our patient was 100 percent ready to go through tibial lengthening surgery. He was pretty calm and was smiling during the waiting. Besides, he was doing stretches and exercises as shown in the Complete Guide File in terms of flexibility before getting the tibial extension surgery.


wannabetaller-after-tibial-lengthening-surgery-2 The surgery went smoothly without any complications. Our patient felt extreme pain mostly during the night time for a couple days after the tibial lengthening surgery. Later on, the pain was eased with the painkillers and the physical therapy helped a lot to reduce it as well as the edema around the ankle part.

He was discharged on the fifth day and was brought to his hotel by a private ambulance. We provide this service so that patients have a comfortable trip and have a healthcare staff near them just in case.


The patient consultant paid a visit and presented a small gift on the behalf of the company and the patient kit on the day of discharging.


Our patient continues his physical therapy, abides the nutrition program that is created by our dietitian and is pretty determined to reach his dream height.

Fresh X-ray images from our patient who has reached 1.4 cm so far. Everything is going well as it was planned and he keeps doing his regular stretches/exercises, and taking physio sessions.


Recently, our patient has reached 5.2 cm:


Our 46-year-old Japanese patient has completed his lengthening process and has achieved 6.3 cm in total. We did a short interview with him before the device removal surgery, and he answered our questions sincerely.

Everything is going well and his condition is very good so far.

Please stay tuned, we will update this writing with photos, walking and exercise videos, x-rays and so on within following weeks.

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