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6 Clothing Suggestions That Will Make You Look Taller

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Did you know that you can look both taller and slimmer with the right choice of clothing? Even though we are beautiful in every way, sometimes we may want to add a completely different atmosphere to our appearance with small touches. If you are unpleased about your height, in this article, we explained how women can appear taller through their clothing choices. If you are curious about how men can appear taller through their clothing choices, you can also read this article.

Tricks That Make You Look Taller

Tricks that make you look taller

It is very easy to make you look taller when you are with the right combination. Even with a few clothes and accessories that you have in your closet, you can quickly take advantage of these saving pieces whenever you want. However, our main advice is to add clothes that are suitable for the tips we give you below to your closet.

1. Monochrome Style

Monochrome style

Choosing your clothing in a single color will create a consistent look without dividing your upper and lower body, so your legs will appear much longer than they actually are. For this appearance, you can choose single-coloured overalls or dresses. If you want to wear different top and bottom clothes, colors such as grey, blue and black will make it much easier for you to make the right combination.

2. Simple Outfit

Simple outfits

Another point that should be taken into consideration, especially for petite women, is to avoid clothes with large printed patterns. These patterns may make your body appear thicker or shorter than it is. If you are short, the clothes you choose should be simpler, plainer and have minimal patterns, which will be very effective in terms of height.

3. High-waisted trousers

High-waisted trousers

Another useful answer we can give to the question of how short women should dress is these are high-waisted trousers. These trousers are among clothes that make you look taller. You should definitely try this simple but effective method that will make your legs look much longer compared to short waist trousers.

4. Pointy-toed Shoes

Pointy-toed shoes

You can easily look taller in any season with pointed-toe boots in winter or pointed-toe heels in summer. You can complete your outfits with pointed-toe shoes and enjoy your stylish and tall look. You can also enjoy your elegance thanks to these life-saving shoes for short women.

5. Shoes in nude tones

Shoes in nude tones

Especially when you wear skirts or shorts, if the color of the shoes you use is natural and close to your skin tone, your height will appear much taller than it actually is. Although it is not a preferred method when you wear long dresses or trousers, it can be your savior in the summer months.

6. Clothes with vertical stripes

Clothes with vertical stripes

Our last suggestion to the question of how short women should wear is to choose clothes with vertical stripes. While horizontal lines make us look fatter, vertical lines make us look taller. That's why adding a few vertical striped t-shirts and shirts to your wardrobe can be a life saver for you.

What Clothes Make You Look Tall? 

All you need to do for a tall look is to choose the right accessories and the right clothes. The most obvious examples of this are that the dress or shirt you are wearing is v-necked, the heels you wear under your shorts are close to your skin color or you prefer a high-waist pants. 

In fact, there are clothes that you should avoid wearing rather than clothes that show your height to make you look tall. Examples include horizontal striped clothes, multi-colored and large patterned pieces, or pants that cut leg-length like capri.

What should we do to make us look taller?

Looking short can sometimes cause negative situations for us in our business life and sometimes in our private lives. In order to avoid such situations, we can directly look for solutions for ourselves. As we mentioned, the most basic way to show your height is to make the right combinations in terms of the accessories and clothes you wear.

Choosing clothes is a practical method that we can choose to show our height instantly. If you are looking for a more precise method to increase your height, medical intervention is the only solution at this point. Unfortunately, it is not possible for people who have completed puberty to increase their height by natural methods because their height growth has stopped. In such cases, people can apply to height lenghtening surgeries and increase their height with medical methods after the necessary physical examinations.

 If you have questions about lengthening surgery or are considering having surgery, you can contact our health consultants by filling out our application form or reach us via Whatsapp.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What should I do to make my height look tall? 

The most practical way to show your height is to combine the clothes you use in the right way and suitable for your body. The parts and accessories in your closet are very decisive in making you look tall.

2. Which color make you look taller?

Many clothes that you prefer in monochrome will make you look tall; However, gray, black, white and blue tones are among the colors that make your height look taller.

3. How to make short legs look long?

The most practical way to make short legs look long is to wear high-waist pants or if you prefer short pieces such as shorts and skirts, the shoe you use is close to your skin color.

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