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Why Lenghtening Surgery is Expensive?

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With the completion of puberty, our growth plates close and we stop growing taller at this point. For people who have completed this development process, the only way to increase their height permanently is lenghtening surgery.

Lenghtening surgery, which has begun to be preferred by many people in recent years, is becoming an increasingly common type of surgery due to the positive results it provides. However, when it comes to cost, many people wonder why lengthening surgery is expensive. In this article, let's talk about our services during the lengthening surgery process and why it is an expensive type of surgery.

Reasons for the Expensiveness of Lenghtening Surgery

Reasons for the Expensiveness of Lenghtening Surgery

Lengthening surgery generally involves a process in which the patient's recovery takes a long time. Therefore, it should not be considered only on the basis of surgery, but subsequent treatments, dressings, psychological supports and supplements should also be taken into consideration. A person who has lengthening surgery undergoes surveillance and control for months, and often even for nearly a year. Our patient representatives remain in direct contact with our patients throughout this process.

During this process, doctors and patient representatives stay in direct contact with the patient and follow the entire process closely. In fact, the main reason why lenghtening surgery is expensive is that these standards are maintained for months. At this point, it is very important to follow and control the patient under the most appropriate and accurate conditions and to provide all the support the patient needs during the recovery process.

Of course, this is not the only reason why the cost of surgery is high. At the same time, the materials and devices used for surgery also have serious effects on the cost of surgery. Since these materials are expensive, they are directly reflected in the price of the surgery. Additionally, there are two methods for surgery and the materials used in each of these methods differ. For example, the materials used in the Precice 2 method are much more and costly compared to the Combined method. In addition, the Precice 2 method is applied by a small number of doctors in Turkey, which affects the cost considerably.

Lenghtening surgery is a difficult surgery that takes much longer than other cosmetic surgeries. At this point, both our doctor and our patient representatives have serious roles. In short, we can say that this surgery covers the entire process, with all the support provided both in terms of technical parts and service. Due to these reasons, prices increase.

Our Services During Lenghtening Surgery

Our Services During Lenghtening Surgery

Lengthening surgery is not a type of surgery in which the patient just goes in and out of surgery and is discharged in a short time afterwards. First of all, we should point out that after the surgery, the patient's treatment continues in our hospital for approximately 3 months, and then the necessary examinations are provided for up to 1 year. When all these are considered together, it involves a long process and effort. For this reason, lengthening surgery generally appears as a more expensive surgery.

All our health support teams support you and follow you personally during this process. You can get more detailed information by taking a look at our pre- and post-operative services in our list below.

1. Personalized Patient Consultation:

The lengthening process requires careful care and control before and after surgery. Before the surgery, our patient representatives provide you with all the details you want to know about the surgery. You will also be in one-on-one contact with our representatives, who are always there to assist you, even after the surgery. If you have any questions or concerns about anything during the process, we offer you a service so that you can ask directly.

2. Accommodation:

It is very important to have medical check-ups for about 3 months after the lenghtening surgery and to follow your development process. As our patients, we attach importance to you being close to us so that your follow-up can be carried out in a healthier way. That's why we welcome you at our Days Hotel by Wyndham hotel in Esenyurt. During your stay at this hotel, we take care of your comfort and have the opportunity to follow you closely. In case of need, our doctor and patient representatives are nearby to support you.

3. Physical Therapy:

When it comes to lengthening surgery, we must say that serious effort is required for the recovery process. Physical therapy is one of the most important parts and indispensable parts of this process. It is absolutely necessary for you to attend at least 4 or 5 physiotherapy sessions a week in the first 2-3 months after your surgery. Depending on your development process, the continuation of these sessions is determined later by your doctor. We work hard with our team to ensure that you get the most out of your physiotherapy sessions and regain your health as soon as possible.

4. Psychological Counseling Service:

We care about the mental health of our patients as much as we care about their physical health, and that's why we want to make sure they are psychologically ready before having lenghtening surgery. Since this surgery is a long and labor-intensive process, it is very critical for the recovery process that the patient really prepares himself for this situation. That's why we attach importance to the follow-up of our patients before and after surgery by our expert psychologists, and we support them to get through this process with a positive psychology.

5. Dietitian Service:

Another important thing of the growth process is nutrition. Some patients may feel psychologically bad after surgery, which may lead to unhealthy nutrition. In order to prevent this situation and support both the physical and mental health of our patients, in addition to psychological counseling, our expert dietitians provide services twice a month.

6. Surgery Method:

Another important criterion that affects surgery costs is your surgery method. At this point, there are 2 options: Precice 2 and LON method. Since the materials used in these methods are different from each other, prices may vary depending on your surgery method.

High Costs of Lenghtening Surgery

High Costs of Lenghtening Surgery

As can be understood, our services and surgery process mentioned above are more costly than other types of surgery. The main reason for this is that this healing process takes several months and we provide every aspect of support to our patients during this process. Considering all these processes and factors, our answer to the question of why lengthening surgery is expensive is because of the reasons we mentioned.

If you are experiencing the problem of short stature and looking for a permanent solution, the most definitive method at this point is the medical method of lenghtening surgery. There is no definitive method that will contribute to height increase other than this surgery. If you have any other questions about lenghtening surgery, you can contact our patient representative directly or find out what you are wondering about the surgery on social media and our website.

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