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Are Hidden Heel Shoes Worth It?

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Hidden Heel Shoes

When it comes to height increase solutions, there aren’t many (effective) choices, as it is clear to anyone who researches on this topic. We have covered the most effective and permanent method, limb lengthening surgery, detailed enough in our blog articles and YouTube videos. But there is still one option which might be quite useful at least for some part of the people who want to become taller. We are talking about height increasing insoles, hidden heel shoes and platform shoes.

hidden heel shoes

Advantages and disadvantages of hidden heel shoes

All these height boosters can be easily found on online stores for cheap to moderate prices. The main idea with all these shoes is, to add an extra inch or two to your height, while making it completely unnoticeable to surrounding people. This works fine as long as you don’t need to take off your shoes in places you visit, and can save your day when you want to create a positive impression in an important meeting or don’t want to stand out among people taller than you. As long as it is not a hot season and you don’t need to wear sandals or slippers, these hidden heel shoes are wearable.

But the huge drawback is, when you enter an indoors place where you take off the hidden heel shoes (or platform shoes), you instantly lose height. Compared to a scenario where you don’t wear any height boosting shoes at all, in this situation, you may feel even more awkward and insecure due to the fact that people notice you were wearing shoes with hidden heels all this time. Thus, as you can see, shoes with hidden heels have limited usage, with temporary effect.

The other issue with all these shoes with hidden heels is, it gives you an illusion of being taller, and to others an impression of being taller than you are. You don’t actually become taller in height. At your own home, where you most probably don’t wear these shoes, you are still with your real height.

If hidden heel shoes don’t work for you

If you think this doesn’t work for you, then the only other way to grow taller is limb lengthening surgery. Before making a final decision about having or not having this kind of serious operation, please take your time to make a proper research, contact various doctors and clinics, make comparisons, and most importantly, get help and consultation from the experts of this treatment.

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