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Two Friends Have Height Increase Surgery: Ivy And Maya

End-to-End Height Increase Surgery Procedures

We have been communicating with Ivy over WhatsApp for many months. He had been planning his height increase surgery for a long time, however his and our plans were interrupted by global coronavirus pandemic. All international flights from and to Turkey were stopped. However, we hadn’t been just sitting at our homes but periodically checked websites and called numbers of airports and airline companies, in hopes of getting good news about flights.

Luckily, we soon found out that there will be flights available from France to Turkey, beginning from 18 July. We informed Ivy and without waiting too much, he booked a ticket for 21 st of July.

Ivy preferred to have height increase surgery on femur, using LON method. Usually our femur LON patients have more pain and limited walking, compared to those who have height increase surgery on tibia. But Ivy walked brilliantly with the help of a walker, beginning from the next day after their surgery.

He was also kind to give us a brief interview and talk about his impressions about his height increase surgery, doctor, our services and so on:

We also filmed the bone lengthening process to allow our readers see how it is done in LON method:

UPDATE from Ivy (13.08.2020): Ivy informed us that he has already achieved 2.6 cm height increase. He is walking every day and working with a physiotherapist in France. His only complaint is not being able to extend knees fully. This is one of typical symptoms in femur lengthening patients, which happens due to increasing tension in leg muscles. After lengthening is over and fixator devices are removed, also with the help of physiotherapy and exercises, these symptoms go away.

UPDATE (21.10.2020) Ivy finished his limb lengthening journey, after reaching 6.5 cm height gain. It was his decision to stop, because he had increased tension in his legs and it was becoming unbearable. He came back to Turkey for external fixator removal. After removal of the devices, he had a huge relief. He informed us that he will be getting more physiotherapy in France to improve his walking and leg flexibility.

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