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The Importance of Height and Limb Lengthening Surgery in Japan

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Economic status and height are two factors that vary correlatively. American Anthropologist Professor William Leonard, who studies the height of people says that the height difference in people depends on the economic situation and changes with a healthy diet. When we look at countries that have high economic levels such as Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway, it has been proven by research that these regions are the places where the average height in the world is the highest. So, if people are tall in relation to their high economic standards, why are people in Japan and a few rich Asian countries short in stature?

Limb lengthening in Japan!   
The average height is not very high due to the genes of the Japanese people and their traditional food culture ( corn, rice, etc., carbohydrate-based diet ) which has lack of protein. After World War 2, the food culture began to evolve into protein-rich healthy forms of a more western-style diet. We cannot say that the Japanese are a tall nation although the average height of the Japanese has exceeded the Chinese average height for the first time thanks to changing and improving nutritional habits in recent years. According to the data of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan, the average height of the young population between the ages of 15 and 24 is 1.71 cm for boys and 1.58 cm for girls. This average height is disadvantageous for health and work area.

According to clinical studies, it has been proved that there is a close relationship between leg length and diabetes when looking at the health field. Noticeably, individuals with long legs have a lower risk of developing diabetes than individuals with short legs. Furthermore, individuals whose growth is incomplete during childhood and who are malnourished cannot increase their height and this situation causes health problems in the future. According to theory, that short people in both men and women are thought to be more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease.   
Japan is a technological country in which there are various job opportunities. Therefore, many people from abroad prefer to work in this country. Recent data points out that Japan has been receiving massive job migration from various countries. Thus, people in Japan are faced with individuals taller than themselves every day and this situation causes self-confidence problems for them.



The Japanese people have started to seek remedies to become taller as a consequence of health problems and the lack of confidence and unhappiness due to short height. In this case the permanent solution is limb lentgehning surgery. Even though there are many successful doctors in Japan, there are not specialized good doctors in the field of limb lengthening surgery. The number of doctors who perform cosmetic limb lenghtening surgery is very low. In addition, although the cost of cosmetic limb lengthening surgery is incredibly high on the contrary patient satisfaction is very low. The patient who had limb lengthening surgery previously said that his doctor caused permanent damage due to lack of experience and knowledge and he had the surgery process under notorious conditions despite he had to pay lots of money for this surgery. After this occasion, patient said that this incident is covered and people are prevented from learning even if doctor is dissmissed. Additionally, he does not recomend cosmetic limb lengthening surgey to anyone in Japan.

There are successful doctors who perform limb lengthening surgery with their experiences and knowledge and also hospitals that provide people with limb lengthening surgery in Turkey.In addition, Turkey does not force you financially, as the price is more reasonable than many countries such as Japan. Thus, you can learn limb lengthening surgery methods which is suitable for you. If you would like to read the story of our patient who came from Japan and had a limb lengthening surgery in Turkey: https://wannabetaller.com/japanese-patients-leg-lengthening-journey



As a team, our aim is introduce valuable patients with our specialist limb lengthening surgery doctors, who are experts in their field, and to ensure that you have your height extension surgery in the best conditions, with the method that suits you. Your happiness is our happiness for our team, who has been with you throughout this process.



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