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Our Malaysian Patient, Mr. Rayyan's Leg-Lengthening Journey

Recently, we are proud and happy to be of service to our wonderful patient Mr. Rayyan from Malaysia. Mr. Rayyan contacted our medical consultants in January for a consultation for Bow correction and Leg-Lengthening surgery. He was already in Europe for his Bow correction surgery and wanted to go Russia for his bow leg correctional surgery, and had already done the necessary medical testing as well. However, he was ever more, unsatisfied with the medical practices in Russia and was especially scared of post-surgery care. Thus, he made a rational decision to consider other options; this is when he met our Wannabetaller team and consultants.

The consultant arranged an online consultation with our doctor, and Mr. Rayyan was more than satisfied. The doctor told Mr. Rayyan that in one surgery he could correct his bow legs and give him new height with leg-lengthening as well. Mr. Rayyan was delighted to hear this good news and he booked his ticket and came to Istanbul, Turkey. Mr. Rayyan decided to opt to have the leg-lengthening and bow correctional surgery with LON Method. We are glad and thankful to Mr. Rayyan for his consent in sharing his experience with limb lengthening surgery and his testimonial to our service and hospitality.

It was very important for Mr. Rayyan to have an English speaking caretaker, for his daily needs, after the surgery; and we tailor-made his surgical package with us, and arranged a caretaker and translator for him during his post-op recovery. Generally, our international patient’s package includes an English to Turkish translator, in order to make it easy in establishing a clear and precice mode of communication between the patients, doctors and medical staff at the hospital.

Mr. Rayyan's leg-lengthening journeyMr. Rayyan was extremely happy to go to our complimentary tour services of Istanbul city. If you haven’t seen our Services Page; you will notice that we provide an extensive and enjoyable, free of charge a guided city tour of Istanbul. In reality, we understand that traveling to a new country for any medical procedure can be full of anxiety and stress; thus we try to include such activities in our surgical packages, so that the patients feel relaxed and happy; before they undergo the procedure. Exploring great historic sights to tasting the local delicacies that Istanbul has to offer; it helps in relaxing our patients and introducing them to Turkish culture and cuisine as well.

After the enjoyable, city tour, patients, generally meet with their doctors for pre-surgery medical testing, which may include x-rays, blood tests and etc., and medical consultation. After, finalizing the consultation and the doctors and patients ascertain the date of the surgery and everything is managed smoothly thereof.

The very next day, Mr. Rayyan’s leg-lengthening surgery was performed successfully. When he woke up from the surgery; he was in a bit of pain; which is usually after the surgery. But our staff, vigilance, and care helped him in taking his first steps after the surgery. Mr. Rayyan found the medical staff to be very helpful and through with explaining the daily routines and teaching him how to lengthen or distract daily and all the cleaning routines associated with keeping the external fixator and wounds clean. We cannot stress enough, the importance of regular cleaning with external fixator methods; as there risk if infection, can always materialize and cause suffering to our patients.

Mr. Rayyan's leg-lengthening journeyMr. Rayyan's leg-lengthening journey

After, the 5th day at the hospital, Mr. Rayyan choose to stay in Istanbul, near the doctors will his external fixators will be removed; in about 3 to 4 months’ time, after the surgery. Mr. Rayyan chooses to stay in our standard residence package, with the best 4-star hotels on the European side of Istanbul. Mr. Rayyan is regularly in contact with the doctors and has a consultation with the doctors every 2 weeks; with fresh x-rays to determine his leg-lengthening progress.

Mr. Rayyan performing physiotherapy exercises; with our physiotherapist at the hospital.

Please stay tuned to Mr. Rayyan’s Leg-Lengthening diary to find out more updates about his lengthening journey with us.

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