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Limb Lengthening In Arabic Countries

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Limb lengthening surgeries are being performed in a limited number of countries worldwide. Some of the countries coming to one’s mind when limb lengthening is mentioned are the USA, Germany, Russia, India, Greece, and Turkey. There are other countries with limb lengthening doctors and facilities as well, but still not every country has high-quality facilities and really experienced and qualified surgeons that can offer this service. Patients make their choice of country for limb lengthening operation based on several factors: the overall quality of healthcare service in that country, the proximity of the country to one’s homeland (because traveling costs are a huge factor), personal preferences such as touristic qualities, local cuisine, spoken language, and so on. This article illuminates the available options for limb lengthening in Arabic countries, as well as alternative options.

The situation regarding limb lengthening in Arabic countries

When taking all of these factors into consideration, it becomes clear that Turkey is a go-to country for patients from Arabic-speaking countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, UAE, and so on. There are very few orthopedic surgeons who perform cosmetic limb lengthening surgery in these countries. In some of them, this operation is not being performed at all. Those who perform limb lengthening in Arabic countries usually prefer the Ilizarov method and other relatively obsolete techniques. In countries such as Jordan, there are medical tourism companies that don’t provide limb lengthening surgery themselves but refer patients to countries where it is being offered. For a potential patient wanting to get limb lengthening in Arabic countries, all of these might be disappointing.

limb lengthening in arabic countries

Compared to this, in Turkey, leg-lengthening has been performed for almost 20 years, and in the last 4-5 years Turkey is becoming one of the centers of limb lengthening treatments. Especially for people of Arabic origin, who are Muslims in the majority,

Turkey is an ideal country to get treatment and stay for extended periods because Turkey is also a predominantly Muslim-populated country. Halal food is available everywhere, it is possible to find translators and assistants who speak Arabic. Moreover, Turkey is a tourist paradise and it enjoys a big influx of tourists from Arabic countries. Most importantly, one can find the most modern leg lengthening surgery techniques successfully applied here: Stryde, Precice 2.2, also LON, Holyfix, and the traditional Ilizarov method. While in countries such as Syria, limb lengthening surgery is mostly limited to Ilizarov and its derivatives.

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