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Limb Lengthening in Spain

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Wanna Be Taller Limb Lengthening Surgery in Spain


Looking at the history of Turkey and Spain, great wars, victories, and revolutions had been seen in both countries. Both tried to dominate in order to expand their domains in time. In the olden days, the way to reach an agreement was to win the war, and nowadays, soft answer turneth away wrath. It’s out of the question that the people of these two beautiful countries with Mediterranean air cannot get along. These two countries have a collaborative attitude in keeping both trade and socio-cultural relations open to development. For instance, Instituto Cervantes can be a good example. It is an institution that is well-versed in the customs, education, and collaboration of a variety of nations and civilizations. It is a clear tool of bilateral cultural and educational collaboration and can be visited in İstanbul. There is another agreeable symbol and it is the Euro-Mediterranean Project. The countries are in the process of modernization and are realizing their full potential. It shows a rising mutual desire to learn about and comprehend each other’s social, cultural, political, and economic realities and histories. Turkey and Spain do their best to maintain this sustainability.

Wanna Be Taller Limb Lengthening Surgery in Spain Mediterranean


Although we differ in some ways, we have the same palate, the same natural beauty, the same warmth, the same hospitality, and we even have the same height average, can you believe it? The average height of both countries is indicated in the table below according to men and women.

Wanna Be Taller Limb Lengthening in Spain Average Height


Wanna Be Taller Limb Lengthening in Spain Average HeightHeight is linked to a slew of advantages in life for many people. Some believe that being tall will make them feel more confident at work, in normal life, or around friends. In fact, they can become obsessed with it and have anxiety disorders, BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder), or similar psychological disorders in the future. This leads some people to look for alternatives and the most permanent one is limb lengthening surgery. However, getting a pre-operative psychological counseling service may be good for some patients in terms of decision-making. Because the surgery itself and postoperative period are already difficult processes to endure both physiologically and psychologically. Patience and perseverance are the qualities that will be most needed on this journey. Limb extension surgery is performed in a number of places in the world. For example, the U.S.A, Russia, India, Greece, Iran and South Korea are among the leading countries. Spain has made strides in recent years to get involved in this field. It even has two doctors who are well-known in this field. These are Dr. Ignacio Ginebreda and Dr. Javier Downey. Yet, compared to other countries, Spain has few doctors interested in this field. When the number is few, it is reflected in the prices consequently. For example, the prices of surgery range from 30,000 Euros to 58,000 Euros. Of course, if we take into account accommodation and other expenses, the price increases even more.

Wanna Be Taller Limb Lengthening in Spain Pricy Surgery Cost


When looking at the methods used in Spain, Fitbone is the one that is used frequently for leg lengthening. In addition to that, it is seen that Ilizarov, ISKD, and Holyfix methods are used as well as Precice method. Considering Fitbone is not the last advanced method, and most countries in which limb lengthening surgeries are performed avoid preferring to use it anymore. The most preferred one and accepted as a successful method by the well-known doctors is Precice. You can visit our method section and find out more information.

A large number of doctors is an indication of how much importance is paid to this field and improvement in that country. Therefore, the search for the country begins, where both the doctor and the service are better. Spain could be a nice destination for doing the leg lengthening surgery, yet the surgery costs are too pricy to meet and the market is not that expanded.

Although clinics and doctors in Turkey use the most used and preferred methods worldwide, they stand out in terms of providing both quality health care and affordable prices for patients from all over the World. Turkey is developing itself in this field and doctors are adding a lot to it.

It is significant that a person should not feel alone or an outsider for where they’re going. Therefore, people of all other nationalities, especially Spaniards, can easily adapt to the atmosphere and the air of Istanbul. Spaniards are not thought to have difficulties mingling in the streets of Istanbul. Because the more places to explore in Madrid, the more beauties to discover in a megacity. You can benefit from the own experience of a marketing manager shuttled between New York and Istanbul. Who knows? Perhaps you can see the famous dog called Boji which he is a regular commuter on ferries, buses, metro trains in Istanbul. He has been quite popular in İstanbul lately. Do not forget to take a picture with him if you happen to have a chance to see him.




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