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Introducing Precice Max: A Revolutionary Step in Orthopedic Surgery

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As is known, the Stryde method used in limb lengthening surgery is currently not in use due to some technical reasons. However, the durable structure of the Stryde nail was a topic of great interest among those considering the surgery. The good news is that, although the Stryde method is no longer in circulation, a brand-new nail is currently in the production stage! 

We can say that Precice Max appears as the most durable nail produced so far. If you want to learn more about this new model, you can continue reading our article. 

About Stryde Nails

stryde nailsThe Stryde method, using Stryde nails, is a modern technique for limb lengthening. Developed by NuVasive Specialised Orthopaedics, these nails are a stronger version of the earlier Precice nails, made of steel instead of titanium alloy. Implanted internally in the bone, they use telescopic ends to gradually stretch the bone, creating a gap for new bone growth. This process is controlled externally by an External Remote Controller (ERC), which activates magnets within the nail to manage the lengthening. This method offers significant advantages, such as less discomfort, shorter recovery times, and lower risk of infections compared to traditional external fixators.  

The robust structure of Stryde nails allowed patients to experience a much more comfortable process in many aspects after surgery. However, the use of these nails was discontinued due to some technical problems. Of course, there are other existing methods for limb lengthening surgery, but in terms of nail durability, it could be said that the Stryde method was more prominent. 

The Next Step in Orthopedic Nail Durability: Discover Precice Max

In the realm of modern medicine, we're seeing incredible breakthroughs thanks to technological advances, especially in the field of orthopedics. One of the most notable advancements is in limb lengthening surgeries, and the latest buzz is about a new method called Precice Max. Here's a simpler breakdown of what's going on:

  1. Precice Max's FDA Approval: The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved a new limb lengthening technique called Precice Max. This is a big deal because FDA approval usually means a new treatment is safe and effective, and it's likely going to be available in the market soon.
  2. Testing and Availability: Initially, Precice Max will be tested and used in the United States. As for its availability in other countries, like Turkey, there's no clear timeline yet. It might take some time before it's introduced outside the U.S.
  3. Excitement in the Orthopedic Community: This development is creating a lot of interest among orthopedic professionals and patients alike. Everyone is eager to see how Precice Max works and what it offers.
  4. Current Assumptions: While we wait for more concrete information, there are some assumptions or educated guesses about Precice Max. However, these are not confirmed details yet. You can find the details below:
  • One definite fact about Precice Max is that its material will be titanium. A significant assumption is that patients will be able to return to their daily lives relatively quickly without needing prolonged bed rest after surgery. This is likely due to the durability of the nail. As there is no definitive information available yet regarding the maximum weight capacity, we cannot provide exact data. However, for individuals exceeding the specified weight limit, it is among the current knowledge that the stress on the nail could increase, potentially leading to an increased risk of breaking. This hypothetical situation highlights the potential benefits and limitations of Precice Max technology. To see the actual outcomes of this technology in real-world applications, we will have to wait for the results of clinical trials and long-term observations on patients.
  • Another area of interest regarding Precice Max is its pricing. As the nail has not yet been launched, there is no concrete information on its cost. It is expected to be introduced to the market around the beginning of March 2024, and its price will likely become more apparent around that time. Currently, there are assumptions that the average price could be around $75,000-$300,000.
  • Taking showers can be challenging due to wounds on the legs after surgery. One of the most frequently asked questions by patients considering limb lengthening surgery is when they can shower after undergoing surgery with Precice Max. There is an assumption that patients might be able to shower 2-3 weeks after the operation. It seems that one of the most significant features of Precice Max will be the ability for patients to return to their daily lives quicker than with other methods.

Before concluding our article, we would like to remind you that although Precice Max seems to simplify the postoperative process compared to other methods, it is crucial for patients not to neglect doctor appointments. Regular doctor visits are necessary to prevent any potential risks after the surgery. Your doctor will decide when and how often you need to use crutches based on your condition, or if additional treatment is required.

Stay tuned for the latest news about Precice Max!"

Meet the Medzonia Team!

Before-after pictureAs Medzonia, we work with our expert healthcare staff to ensure that our patients have a healthy and comfortable process during limb lengthening surgery. We currently use the LON and Precice 2 methods used worldwide for limb lengthening surgery. Our main goal is to ensure that our patients who choose us go through this process as comfortably and healthily as possible by meeting all their needs both during and after surgery.   

In the current testing phase of Precice Max, we will be following all processes exactly and will inform you about new updates. If you would like to get detailed information about limb lengthening surgery, you can contact our patient representatives.

You can learn about Precice Max from our specialist doctor Yunus Öç, who performs limb lengthening surgeries, in the video below. For more, stay tuned to our YouTube page!

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