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How Much Lengthening Can Be Achieved With a Single Surgery?

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Limb lengthening surgeries bring many questions for those considering the procedure. Questions such as “How much lengthening can be achieved with a single surgery?” and “What is the maximum amount I can lengthen?” are frequently asked. It is crucial for potential patients to have clear and transparent information about this process. Leg lengthening surgery is both physically and psychologically demanding, and candidates need to fully understand the operation.

Before the surgery, patients undergo a comprehensive health assessment. These evaluations include blood tests, X-rays, lung scans, ECGs, and bone measurements, especially for patients over 40. The patient's medical history, any chronic illnesses, and regular medications are also reviewed by the doctor. If it is determined that there are no health barriers to surgery, the operation is planned.

Regarding the maximum amount of lengthening, patient safety is always our top priority. Within the safe limits of lengthening, typically a lengthening of 6 to 8 cm can be achieved in a single surgery. The amount of lengthening varies depending on factors such as the patient's body flexibility, bone mineral density, and the stretching capacity of muscles and nerves. Some patients, having more flexible body structures, may be considered suitable by our doctor for lengthening up to 8 cm, while for others, an extension of 6-6.5 cm might be more appropriate. As we inform all patients, while an extension of 6 to 8 cm is possible, it varies from person to person.

Throughout the recovery process, our doctor continuously monitors patients to prevent potential complications. Physical examinations and X-rays taken at 15-20 day intervals closely follow the patients' recovery processes, and all necessary measures are taken to ensure patients complete the process comfortably.

How Much Can I Lengthen with Two Surgeries?

Some of our patients who wish to lengthen their stature by 10cm or more often ask, “How much can I lengthen with two surgeries?” or “What can I do to achieve a 10cm increase?” Patients can indeed undergo two surgeries, but before addressing the maximum amount of lengthening, it is important to note that approval from the doctor is required after the first surgery and before planning a second operation. Our doctor can plan a second surgery for patients whose bone healing rate and health are in good condition, but this planning can only be done a minimum of 5-6 months after the first surgery.

With two leg lengthening surgeries, patients can achieve an increase in height between 12-16cm. As with the first surgery, the patient's body structure and bone health are very important factors. It should be remembered that leg lengthening surgery is a serious surgical operation and the health of the patients must be the foremost priority. If a second surgery is suitable for you, your doctor will explain the path and conditions that need to be followed at that point.

Can I Have a Quadrilateral Operation?

The quadrilateral operation is a surgical technique aimed at lengthening both the upper and lower legs simultaneously. However, this method carries serious complications and potentially life-threatening risks. Therefore, our doctor strongly advises against undergoing this operation. For patients desiring additional height, we recommend allowing sufficient time for recovery after the first surgery and planning a second operation under medical supervision. Health and safety are our top priorities during the treatment process, and each step must be carefully evaluated.

For more detailed questions, you can directly contact our patient representatives and follow our YouTube channel to view detailed videos about the process.


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