Limb-Lengthening Process of our American Patient

The limb-lengthening process of our American patient, who has chosen to specifically work with us, has recently ended. Our patient was in constant communication with our patient consultant during his decision-making process. He had his surgery in August 2022. While he was deciding which leg lengthening surgery method was best for him, he had gained all the information he needed from our doctor himself.

When our American patient first contacted us, he wanted to get limb-lengthening surgery with the LON (Combined) method. After exchanging some ideas with our doctor, he has decided that Precice 2 will be the best method for him. This is because the scarring risk is less with Precice 2 method. With the Combined (LON) method, there are devices both on the outside and the inside, and the device on the outside is removed after 2-3 months. However, for the Precice 2 method, there are only intramedullary nails, therefore the risk for scarring is very low. With the doctor’s guidance, our patient had a comfortable limb-lengthening process. 

His height before the surgery was 5 feet 4.7 inches (167 cm).

Limb-Lengthening Process of our American Patient

This picture is taken before our patient’s surgery

Our 36-year-old American patient has had his bone-lengthening surgery. Maximum nail lengthening with the Precice 2 method is 3 inches (8 cm); however, for some special occasions, nails allow for an extra little more lengthening. Because our patient’s medullary cavity was large, his bone allowed a 5-6 mm gap to be left.

limb-lengthening success story

This picture is from his lengthening process using the External Remote Controller (ERC)

Our patient was lucky because not everyone’s bone allows leaving a gap. With his request, while the bone was breaking during the surgery, a little gap is left and our patient gained 3.4 inches (8.8 cm) in height in total. Because our patient’s medullary cavity was large, the thickest, 12.7 mm intramedullary nail is inserted inside his bone.

limb-lengthening intramedullary nails

This X-Ray shows the intramedullary nail inside our patient’s bone 

Our American patient especially did the exercises before his surgery on a regular basis and had great preparation for the surgery. It is highly important that you start exercising 3-4 weeks before the surgery. With these exercises, the posture of the patient is corrected, muscles and nerves get stronger and the muscles get more flexible, which is important for the process after the surgery to go smoothly. Because our American patient did his exercises in a very disciplined way, therefore, he had a comfortable lengthening process. You can get the pdf for the exercises before surgery from our patient consultant.

Our patient’s current height is 5 feet 7.6 inches (175.8 cm). 

Our American patient's limb-lengthening before after

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