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How to Compare Heights - Height Comparison

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How is Height Difference Measured?

How is Height Difference Measured?

In the case of measuring heights, it is better to be able to see the comparison to understand the spatial difference between two distinct heights rather than seeing them as just numbers. In order to evaluate three-dimensional objects, the tallness of these objects is a very significant characteristic of them. This is also valid for people as well, as they are three-dimensional too. 

We are able to use our height comparison tool to see this height difference between multiple people. If you wonder how you compare two or more heights, let us explain, which is very simple. 

How Do You Compare Two Heights and More?

Not only you can use the height comparison chart to compare your height to the stored heights in the tool; such as USA average height, and the tallest person in the World, but you can also compare it to your friends and family members by entering them as a new human object.

As you can see from the picture above, there are two rectangular panels on the left side of the page. To create a new figure; you choose the gender of the figure with buttons on the top, write its name and choose either feet or cm for the measurement and finally write the height and click on the “Create+” button. Now, the figure is visible on the chart. With the same process, you can add another figure by either choosing the stored figures below or creating another one. You can add up to 5 different figures on the chart. 

As you can see, our height comparison chart is very easy to use. Now, you can make height comparison in cm as much as you would like to. 

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