The price range varies with regard to the size, location and item status of the house. The prices for accommodation at home ranges from 350 Euros to 950 Euros.

While staying at home, you need to supply food and drinks from a market. The monthly average cost of grocery shopping for individuals ranges from 68 Euros to 275 Euros. Let’s say that you do not feel to deal with the cooking and order food every day instead. In that case, the monthly average can go up from 175 Euros to 350 Euros.

During stay at home, you need medical amenities such as X-rays, medications, a caretaker(optional) and physiotherapy. We will have them brought to you in consideration of extra charges. The prices for those amenities are as below;

  • Physiotherapy (Per session): € 30 - € 40
  • X-ray: € 90- € 110
  • Medications: € 70 - € 80
  • Psychologic Counselling Service (Once a month): € 30

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