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Deposit payment is made to protect the current price you agreed and to book the preferred surgery date in advance. By making a pre-payment, you accept the Preliminary Information Form and Distance Sales Contract which is presented to you. The conditions of the deposit agreement are as below;

  1. By agreeing to the deposit agreement, the “Client”, agrees to make an advance/ Pre-payment for Surgical Procedure; the amount of advance payment is equal to 10% of the surgery cost.
  2. The transfer fees of the transferred money are paid by the patient/client.
  3. The client can make changes to the method and date of the surgery if the operation is more than 30 days away.
  4. The patient/client can withdraw from the surgery without providing any reason before 30 days till the surgery and has the right to get 50% of the pre-paid amount back.
  5. If the patient/client withdraws from the surgery or changes the date when less than 30 days are left till the planned surgery date, the pre-paid amount is not refunded and discount rights are lost.
  6. The agreement is valid for one year from the day it was sent.

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