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Will I Continue To Grow Taller ?

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Will I Continue to Grow Taller ?

Many teenagers and young adults wonder about till what age they will continue growing. Most of all, it is people aged 12-13 up to 20 who ask this question on the internet. Especially young kids who have newly entered the teenage period begin to care more about their appearance, and height is an important factor. The question “will I continue to grow taller” also bothers people at around 17-20, because these are the most common ages at which people either stop growing taller or the growth process slows down.

Before trying to answer the question about continuing to grow taller, it is useful to lofok at the mechanism of height growth and how it actually happens.

The role of growth plates and HGH on how long we continue to grow taller

We grow taller and our limbs become longer due to our bones growing longer. If you wonder how it happens: we have cartilage tissues at the longer ends of our bones. These are called growth plates, or epiphysial plates. These parts of the bone is where new bone tissues are generated and bones gain length. The functionality of growth plates is triggered by HGH (human growth hormone), produced by our pituitary glands. Most of our growth process takes place in childhood and during teenage years.

Some people may have their growth process stop for some periods and then they may continue to grow taller again. But once the growth plates are closed, you are done growing, and will not continue to grow taller, this is for sure. At this point, it isn’t possible to stimulate bone growth by HGH injections, exercises, nutrients and other so called “grow taller secrets”. Height gain can only be achieved by lengthening leg bones surgically, in other words, by limb lengthening surgery.

continue to grow taller

What is the age until which I will continue to grow taller?

Now back to our question. The possibility of your further growth will definitely depend on your age. If you are on the younger edge of the spectrum (12-13-14 years of age), then it is very probable that this will not be your final height and you will have a noticeable height gain before your growth plates “retire”. If you are closer to the ages at which growth plates tend to close (for example 16-17-18) then there may or may not be a continuation of your growth. Even if you have a growth spurt at around these ages, it will not be a very significant height growth.

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