Which Country Is The Best In Leg Lengthening Surgery Field?

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Countries Performing Leg Lengthening Surgery

Leg lengthening surgery is performed in several countries including Turkey, the US, India, Italy, Germany, France, Brazil, and Russia, as well as a few others. The procedure seems to be most popular with populations that tend to be naturally shorter, such as what is traditionally the case with Asians. A disconcertingly high level of respect for height – coupled with an immensely competitive professional arena – has driven many people living in Asia to increase their height through this type of surgery.

How Leg Lengthening Surgery Works

Leg lengthening surgery has not changed much since the basics of it were developed years ago in an attempt to remedy shortened and/or disfigured limbs due to birth defects. The patient is put under anesthesia and a large incision is made in the legs. One of the major bones in the leg (either femur or tibia) is cut, and then a supporting fixator device is placed around the fracture. The patient will wear those till the procedure is completed. Every day, the patient will insert a key into the bracket and turn it just a little, which widens the gap of the bone that is fractured. The body tries to regenerate new bone tissue, but the bone should be distracted enough every day to ensure the bone doesn’t ossify and the frame gets stuck. When lengthening is completed, patients wait for bone healing and return to their daily life and physical activities just like healthy people.

Please check our patients gallery with leg lengthening surgery results, achieved using Lon and Precice methods.

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