What Is The Limit of Leg Lengthening?

Cosmetic Leg Lengthening Surgery

In the last decades, leg lengthening has not been restricted to the treatment of patients with genetic abnormality and deformities ensuing from noninheritable anomalies, trauma, tumor, and infections, but, has additionally been used for aesthetic reasons. Cosmetic leg lengthening by the Ilizarov Technique with circular external fixation has been applied to people with constitutional short stature who would like to be taller.

Limb Lengthening Surgery With Ilizarov Technique

From Jan 1985 to Dec 2010, the medical records of sixty-three patients with constitutional short stature (36 M, 27F; 126 legs) who underwent cosmetic bilateral limb lengthening employing a hybrid advanced fixator in line with the Ilizarov Technique, were reviewed, retrospectively. The mean age was twenty-four. Whereas the mean operative height was 152.6 cm. 

The Average Height Growth by Ilizarov Technique

The mean leg-lengthening achieved altogether patients was 7,2 cm (range: 5–11 cm), with a mean length of treatment of nine months and fifteen days (range: 7–18 months). 

Results of Limb Lengthening Surgery Research

The cosmetic limb lengthening was useful to any or all patients, rising their social capabilities and confidence. All patients thought of their stature as traditional and that they according satisfaction with necessary changes in their skilled and private life. Limb lengthening could raise some ethical objections and for that reason, patients ought to be knowing concerning all the risks and complications associated with this kind of surgery.

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