Want to Grow Taller?

Tired of being overlooked because you are just physically shorter than the rest? Want to grow taller and get noticed for all the right reasons? You definitely do! Research has shown how being taller can significantly give you the advantage when it comes to career progression – including how much you are paid each month. But what can you do in your mature adult state to increase in height? Through exercise, of course!

Did you know that in America itself, an extra inch of height above the average can earn you an additional $1000 per year? It is a rather skewed view of being profiled physically to determine your character. Unfortunate yes, but that is the way the world works these days.

So instead of working hopelessly to change the system, why not enhance your physical self by growing a couple or more inches taller? No it is not true that you no longer can increase your height once you reach adulthood. The fact is your body still holds potential to become tall!

One of the many secrets to adding height to your adult body is in your legs. No it does not involve having surgery done to break your leg bones apart and having it fuse together to lengthen your legs. All it takes is for you to start doing some kicking exercises.

You see your bones may not be able to grow longer in size. But the cartilage parts at the ends of your ankle, shin, thigh, and hip bones can grow thicker! It may not sound significant to you individually, but it could really add up to your current height.

Start by Lengthening Your Legs Through These Basic Kicking Exercises

Front Kick

This involves extending your leg out and snapping off a kick. Much like a kicking move in Taekwondo. Be careful not to go higher than a couple of feet off the ground in order to avoid injuring yourself. Perform 20 kicks for each leg, resting a minute before switching to the other side.

Straight Kick

This is easily like kicking a ball on the ground. Kick your leg straight out and try to go as high as you can possibly go. Do 10 kicks with each leg, rest for a minute, then do the same for the other leg.

There are several other exercises you can do to lengthen your legs and eventually add to your physical height. Follow a proper exercise program, and you should have no difficulties realizing your wish to grow taller and finally be respected for who you are!

The right way for you may be lengthening surgeries. Consult a specialist immediately.

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