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Top Websites To Get Info About Limb Lengthening

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Those who want to learn more about limb lengthening operations often have difficulties finding rich and reliable sources of information. There is a deficit of serious info about limb lengthening surgery methods, doctors, clinics, as well as patient experiences and diaries.

As the Wannabetaller team, we want to present some of the sources that seriously deal with this topic.

1. Website of Paley Institute:

Dr. Dror Paley and his team have made a name in the limb extension world. Their website provides detailed information about the medical treatments they provide. You can find info about limb extension/height increase surgery, spine, foot and ankle deformities, and their treatment methods. Although quite pricey for most people, they do a quality job and the website can be one of the sources to learn about leg lengthening.

2. The number one portal for finding medical treatments in Turkey – BulMD.com

BulMD.com proves to be the first portal for medical treatments in Turkey, which is offered in the English language. Their treatments range from Limb Lengthening Surgeries to Hair Transplantation Therapies. They offer competitive prices and luxurious services for their patients; while making their patients feel as comfortable as possible, during their medical treatments; as if the patients were on a holiday in Turkey. They are working with a wide range of orthopedic surgeons, who are practicing different Limb Lengthening surgical methods in Turkey and this is the reason why they can often provide better patients experience, services & prices; than any other medical consultancy company in Turkey. From multiple Orthopedic doctors to detailed information on different LL surgical methods and patient diaries, this portal has ample information for any patient who is thinking about Limb Lengthening surgery and other medical treatments in Turkey.

3. Limb Lengthening Forum:

The biggest forum that deals specifically with limb extension. Here, patients write about their experience, give recommendations, talk about their everyday problems due to short height, etc. There is a strong feeling of community as people who are interested in undergoing limb extension surgery, or those who underwent this operation can post their questions and get answers. There are sections for general discussions, doctor recommendations, and other general topics.

4. Short Persons Support:

Although not being supported anymore by its creator(s), the contents of this website include essays, medical articles, and other sources which deal with short height. The mission of this website is to provide reference material to short-heightened people, raise awareness of the social and economic issues facing them, as well as to inspire short people to help better their lives and attitudes. There are a section on this website that deals with limb extension surgery, doctors and clinics, leg lengthening operation methods applied worldwide, even unrealistic and fraudulent “height increase methods” that don’t do any good.

5. Quora:

This is a question-answer website most of us know. People from most different backgrounds ask questions and get every kind of answers to their questions. Of course, limb extension is also one of the topics that see attention. Questions like “How to become taller after 18/25/… years old?”, “Is limb extension surgery risky?”, “Is it worth undergoing limb lengthening operation?” are asked and answered every day.

6. Reddit:

A great place to share useful information on every kind of topic. Limb extension surgery is no exception. In subreddits like r/short and r/limb extension, there are videos, articles, and discussions about LL operations.

7. Hospital For Special Surgery (USA)

An excellent search engine for special orthopedic surgery and treatment in the USA. It helps patients search for doctors and hospitals near them for their orthopedic surgeries, including limb-lengthening surgeries, as well.

8. International Center for Limb Lengthening – Baltimore (USA)

The International Center for Limb Lengthening is one of the most top centers for limb lengthening and deformity correction in North America (USA).

9. Limb Lengthening In Turkey

An excellent Limb Lengthening service team in Istanbul, Turkey. The most luxurious and comfortable surgical experience; with top-quality doctors and medical staff. Limb lengthening in Turkey team takes care of all of the patient‘s needs, from the day they arrive in Turkey and till the day they fully recover and enjoy their new height.

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