Now Has Healthy Legs of Equal Lengths – Rezzan Uremez, Hairdresser

Hi everyone. When I was 45 years old, my hip prosthesis, which was implanted before, had to be changed. I was searching for a good doctor. I knew that prosthesis changing surgery is very risky.

Then I heard about Dr. Ozgur in the city of Tekirdag, where I live.

Now there was no need to go to a different city. When I went to the appointment with the doctor, he informed me about leg lengthening surgeryI hadn’t heard about it before. The doctor advised to match my shorter leg with the other one by lengthening it, then to change the prosthesis.

Since it was the first time I heard about limb lengthening operation, I started to research about it on the Internet. I read some patient reviews of certain doctors who did not get a good result, and it frightened me. Nevertheless, I trusted Dr.Ozgur’s confident attitude, now I don’t regret it.

He was so caring during the whole treatment that I went through a very comfortable procedure. The internal nail he used for lengthening was totally invisible from the outside. In several months, my both legs became of equal length. I am thankful to God for Dr. Ozgur!

NOTE: Our patient has been kind to share her diary only. If you have any questions about limb lengthening experience of this patient, our patient consultants can answer them as much as they can get info from the author.


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