Read if you are planning your leg lengthening surgery budget

In this article, we will try to put some light on topics such as leg lengthening surgery costs, what is covered by surgery cost and what is paid separately, how much money to have with you to feel secure and not run out of it, what are the accepted payment methods and so on.

First of all, let’s go through the surgery methods applied, and their costs:

  1. Holyfix method – 14,500 Euro
  2. LON method – 17,768 Euro
  3. PRECICE 2.2 method – 36,263 Euro
  4. PRECICE STRYDE method – 49,950 Euro

Our surgery costs include these services:

– Meeting patients at the airport and transportation to hotel/hospital and back

Our teammates keep in contact with the patient by means of WhatsApp or other messaging apps before and during their trip to Istanbul, so that we are already at the airport when the patient arrives. Our guests are taken with VIP transportation to their hotel. In a similar manner, we take our patients back to the airport when they have finished their procedure and are about to return back home.

– Accommodation in a 5-star hotel (1 day)

Usually, it is not possible to have leg lengthening surgery on the same day you arrive in Istanbul. Most of our limb lengthening patients are coming from countries far from Turkey, usually late in the night or early in the morning, and exhausted from a long airplane trip. Also, you are required to go through several medical tests in order to be considered eligible for a serious surgery such as limb lengthening, which takes 1 day till the results are announced. Having a good rest in a comfortable hotel is important. For this reason, we reserve a room at a 5-star hotel so that you are fully recharged for the next day.

– Istanbul tour (historical and touristic places+boat tour+meals in our famous restaurants)

We want you to have beautiful impressions from your Istanbul trip and get motivated before your surgery. It takes away most of the anxiety and gives a chance to our patients to have some good time and explore the beauty and history of Istanbul before the months-long difficult limb lengthening experience.

– Medical examinations before the operation

On the same or the next day of your arrival to Istanbul, we will accompany you to the hospital for x-ray imaging and blood tests. Obviously, these cost money. However, we have included them in the surgery cost, so that our patients do not get lost among multiple small and big expenses.

– An English-speaking caretaker who will be around 7/24 during a hospital stay

This is a service that many of our patients think is unnecessary at first, however, they agree that it is absolutely useful and comforting to have somebody besides you in the first days after leg lengthening surgery. Once the effect of anesthesia goes away, a number of our patients experience pain and extreme discomfort. They may have a hard time getting what they need, and it is usually difficult to communicate to nurses and hospital personnel in such a situation, especially when there is a language barrier. We arrange a caring person who speaks your language, who stays in your room or close to your room if you want and believe me, some of our patients have become good friends with their caretakers!

– 5 days of staying in the hospital

Staying for the first several days at the hospital after surgery is enough for our patients. This is usually the critical part, because patients have more pain and limitations, they cannot move around freely and need help. Also, patients are under control at the hospital to prevent and intervene in any possible complications such as embolism. During this period, patients are provided blood anticoagulants, their bandages are changed, and they are frequently checked by the medical team. Of course, we got this essential period of hospitalization and necessary medicaments and procedures covered up in surgery cost.

– Walker+crutches

On the next day after surgery, the patients are assisted to take a few steps with the help of a walker. Also, at times they are having too much pain or cannot walk, a wheelchair is needed. In better days, patients need crutches to walk around. All these supporting devices are provided by Wannabetaller with no additional cost.

– FREE consultation with doctors and consultants whenever you need, even after lengthening is finished.

Obviously, as many of you probably know, we provide totally free consultation services with our patient consultants who have experience with dozens and dozens of limb lengthening patients, as well as arrange online and face to face consultations with our surgeons. Because you have the right to learn every detail and find answers to every question before making your final decision about surgery. Also, you want us to be accessible after surgery as well, so there are no consultation fees or limitations of duration, feel free to contact us at any time of the day.

– Device removal costs 750 eur and is NOT included in surgery cost.

External fixators and internal nails used for limb lengthening are removed after a certain period. The removal is performed by a minor surgery, and patients need to stay at the hospital at least for that night. 750 eur is the cost of removal of a pair of external or internal devices. In the LON method, both types of fixators are used together. So, the removal of those will make 1500 eur in total, 750 for externals, and 750 for internals.

Other things covered by total surgery cost:

  • All hospital charges relating to the operating room and recovery room.
  • Surgeon fees.
  • Anesthesiologist fees.
  • Surgery assistant fees.
  • Hospital fees (Internal medicine doctors will be available during the entire hospitalization period).
  • External/internal fixator and other materials fees.

Many of you are concerned about returning back to your country as early as possible after surgery. While another group of our patients would prefer staying in Istanbul for an extended period, such as several weeks or months.

If you feel good enough and the doctor also approves, then after 5-7 days from surgery you can be allowed to return back home. In this scenario, you will need to get physiotherapy service, have your x-rays taken regularly, once in a month, and all other medications and equipment on your own. In some countries, for example, the United States and Canada, it is a long and complicated process to get access to medical services such as x-ray imaging. You may even not be able to get a copy of your x-ray image to send to your doctor, or you may have difficulties with getting a physiotherapist to visit you at your place.

To eradicate all of these possible problems and obstacles, we highly recommend our patients to stay in Istanbul for the period of bone lengthening, which takes approximately 2-3 months. For our dear patients, we have made service packages that include the most important services needed for a healthy and safe limb lengthening experience.

You can choose one of these two packages:

1. Standard Package:

  • Accommodation at a 3-star hotel + 3 meals a day: 1250 euro
  • Physiotherapy(monthly, 1 session per week): 120 euro
  • X-rays: 150 euro
  • Medications: 80 euro
  • Total monthly cost: 1600 euro/month

2. Premium Package

  • Accommodation at a 4-5-star hotel + 3 meals a day: 1950 euro
  • Physiotherapy (1 session every two days): 450 euro
  • Xrays: 150 euro
  • Medications: 200 euro
  • Total: 2750 euro/month

One minor note: as you can see, in the standard package, 1 session of physio per week is included. This is the minimal recommended amount of physiotherapy, however it is always better to get more and train leg muscles more intensively for faster recovery. Our patients who don’t get any physiotherapy at all struggle to return to their daily life activities and spend more time to fully recover. For those with limited budget, we have included at least one session per week so that they still get this essential service. But patients who choose standard package should also support their trainings with daily exercises, recommended by their doctor or physiotherapist.

The food provided by hospital is well balanced and quite nutritive. After being released from hospital, you can either choose to get food service from your hotel, or order it from somewhere else. There are services in Turkey such as yemeksepeti, which allows you to choose a certain meal and order it to your address from almost any restaurant close to you. Individual restaurants also offer delivery services. There are lots of options for people with special preferences: vegetarians, vegans, lactose intolerants, gluten intolerants etc. As locals of Istanbul city and Turkey in general, you can always ask us for help and guidance.


There is a number of hotels in Istanbul, which have agreements with us and they provide lower than regular prices to our patients. Here you can see these hotels.

Please keep in mind that you can arrange your accommodation yourself, but Istanbul is a big city with serious traffic problems, so if you choose a hotel or apartment far from the hospital, physiotherapist or city centre, there might be logistical problems. You can always consult with us before making arrangements, and we will do our best to step in to help.

Additional info

We would like to emphasize one important thing: Please make your financial arrangements in a way that you have at least 1000-3000 euros extra, apart from your surgery cost and the expenses of staying in Turkey. Because no matter how small is the possibility of complications, it is still a serious surgery and the following procedure takes months. It doesn’t all end at the operation room with a successfully executed surgery. There are certain things that might go wrong.

I would like to go through some of them over examples:

  1. A complication may happen and it may require additional medicaments, treatments or corrective surgery. Our team does everything possible in order to minimize these costs for our patients. However, once we had a patient who had undergone Precice 2.2 surgery and he had fast union of bones. The internal nail was stuck and it was impossible to further lengthen the bone because the bone had already partially healed in the middle of distraction period. This patient had to undergo a relatively minor surgery where a second osteotomy was performed and the bone was re-cut in order to resume the lengthening process. After negotiating with hospital management we minimized the surgery cost for the favour of our patient.
  2. Recently there has been a case where the patient’s return ticket was postponed and the flight was cancelled. This patient had very tight budget and it was difficult for him to afford accommodation for several more days. It was a hard moment for our team as well, because we reached out and mediated between them and hotel and hospital staff and could get certain privileges for the patient.

We hope this video was useful for those who are  planning their budget for leg lengthening surgery in Turkey. For more in-depth infomation, please consult with our patient consultants.

    You will be informed about the lengthening increase, lengthening process, the prices of the surgical methods, the difference of the methods, the risks of the surgery.

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