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Wannabetaller team has made a good name in limb lengthening and reconstruction field, by cooperating with professional surgeons and assistants, high-end hospitals and wide variety of services. Most of our patients come up with a request for cosmetic limb lengthening surgery in order to become taller. However, our orthopedic surgeries options don’t end here. In fact, we are able to address many more patients who have various needs, both cosmetic and medical. Here is a list of some of the most important medical and surgical solutions we offer:

Single Leg Lengthening

Due to an early childhood disease such as polio, or an accident, one of the legs of some individuals stop growing. This causes leg length discrepancy, which subsequently translates into spinal deformities and pain later in life. To get rid of this problem, the shorter leg can be lengthened with a surgery.

Single leg lengthening operation costs are usually around half of both limb lengthening surgery costs, which have been mentioned on our website. For more accurate pricing information, please contact our patient consultation experts.

Cost of Leg Lengthening Surgery:

LON method: 22,850$
Precice 2: 48,500$

Height shortening (limb shortening) surgery

Up until recent times, it was unimaginable for people that it is possible to decrease the height by leg shortening surgery. We can agree that there are much fewer people who would wish to reduce their height because we have always observed the opposite, where patients suffer from being short in height. For some people, being tall has become a huge source of distress, up to a point that they would undergo serious surgery to become shorter.

Limb shortening surgery is similar to limb lengthening in that it also involves osteotomy (cutting the bone) and fixation (holding the bone with metal apparatus). However, instead of lengthening the bone over several months (distraction), in limb shortening operation the surgeon removes a piece of the major bone and puts two ends of the bone together. This procedure has overall less pain and discomfort for the patient because there isn’t a painful and exhausting distraction period as in leg lengthening. Once the surgery is over, it is over. The two pieces of bone join and consolidate in several months. This takes less time than the recovery of limb lengthening.

This kind of surgery allows reducing the height by max. 4-5 cm. More than this amount is not recommended and approved by doctors because doing so may cause blood circulatory system problems.

For bilateral (both legs) limb shortening surgery costs contact us.

Bow legs correction

One of the most frequently requested corrective orthopedic surgeries. Bowlegs or genu varum (sometimes called O-shaped legs) can affect people in daily lives by lowering self-esteem, and if it is a pronounced deformation, bow legs can cause health problems such as arthritis at an early age, due to early wearing of joints. In order to prevent possible height problems in the future, it is best to get this deformity corrected at a younger age because younger people show faster recovery abilities.

There are several methods of bowleg correction operation, and the differences are in the devices used for bone fixation. Doctors use either an external fixator or internal devices such as metal plates or internal nails. Internal methods are usually preferred by our surgeons. The prices are in the range of 7000-8000 euros.

Knock knees correction

Being the opposite of bow legs, knock knees (genu valgum, or X-shaped legs) is when knees tend to bend inwards. The correction surgery is performed in a similar fashion to bow leg surgery, and the applied technique is almost the same.

Spinal deformities

One of the most frequently seen types of orthopedic diseases is spinal deformities such as lordosis, kyphosis, and scoliosis. In milder cases, these deformities are treatable by physiotherapy and a set of exercises. In severe degrees of spinal deformation, surgical treatment may be inevitable. We at Wannabetaller perform all types of spinal deformity surgeries.

Limb lengthening in achondroplasia (dwarfism) patients

Leg and arm lengthening surgery is a hope for many people suffering from achondroplasia. By undergoing several limb lengthening procedures, they can increase height up to around 12-20 cm and also lengthen the arms up to an acceptable length.

It should be kept in mind that in most cases, external methods are better suited for patients with achondroplasia, because their bone dimension may not be suitable to accommodate intramedullary nails of LON, Precice and Stryde methods. For more accurate info, it is always the best to provide any previous medical data, test results, and x-rays (if there are any) to a Wannabetaller patient consultant to learn more about the suitable treatment plan.

Arm lengthening surgery

In some medical cases, a patient may need lengthening one or both arms. Within safe and healthy limits, it is possible to lengthen arms by 2-3 cm each with an external device such as Holyfix.

arm lengthening surgery wannabetaller

For both arms lengthening surgery costs contact us. This is just a price estimate, and the cost can vary depending on the patient’s medical situation.

Foot, toe, finger, hand and other extremity deformities

A great number of patients contact us with complaints of various deformities of smaller scale, such as deformed toe, short fingers, short toes, clubbed feet, hallux valgus, and so on. Our surgeons are able to make an accurate evaluation and diagnosis, then apply the most effective and financially acceptable treatment. For a free evaluation of and treatment offer, please feel free to contact Wannabetaller and provide your x-rays, photos, or any medical data about the deformity.

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