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Martin’s Journey From The USA To Become Taller With Precice

So this is my journey to Precice limb lengthening surgery. I arrived in Istanbul on February 28, and after a 13 hour flight all I wanted to do was go to sleep, unfortunately as soon as we landed my luggage had been lost.  I spoke to the lost and found baggage department and they couldn’t not find it either, but they did take my information and advised me that they would send me the luggage to my hotel or back to my home in the US. l met up with my escort Serjan, he was very nice and offered to take me to look at the city, unfortunately I was very tired and just wanted to sleep. We got to the hotel and I crashed out.

Next day my escort Serjan asked if I wanted to go and have a city tour but since I had not met my doctor I asked to see him first. I met with my doctor and got lots of information about the Precice 2 surgery including my limitations afterwards and since I also have Ulcerative Colitis I asked if I needed to be off my medication surprisingly I did not have to. After business was handled we finally took off to enjoy the beautiful city of Istanbul, we saw some great sites and ate at a very tasty restaurant, after some time we went back to the hotel, unfortunately my luggage had not arrived and I had to buy some clothing to wear some fresh clothes.

On the next day I headed to the hospital where my surgery was going to be performed, but before leaving the lobby I was notified that my luggage had arrived, this was a great relief to me.  When I arrived at the hospital it looked very modern and very clean. As soon as I got registered at the hospital I was sent to my room with my escort Serjan, and I was put in a medical gown , 20 minutes later I was in the operating room, I was told the surgery would be about 5 hours long, but to me it only felt like minutes.

After the surgery I was woken up. Surprisingly I was in very much pain and only wanted to sleep. I was given pain killers and I slept pretty much the whole day. The next day I was more active not physically but mentally.  The doctor came in and changed my bandages and also told me about my limitations. I spent a lot of the time just lying in bed and sleeping but after a while my frustration got to me and I asked to take a shower or just to do something else.  I was always accompanied by medical staff and my escort Serjan, which helped a lot because he knew some English and I knew no Turkish whatsoever. Honestly throughout my whole trip I am glad Serjan was with me, he helped me translate and also helped me a lot while I was at the hospital, by always asking what I needed and making sure I was ok.

After a couple of days I was brought my lengthening  electromagnetic controller (ERC), I was taught how to use it and how many times a day I could use it. My doctor also explained to me that I was not allowed to bear my full weight on my  Precice nails until healing process is complete. This was very hard for me since my UC requires me to go to the restroom a lot and it means that I would need help from others for a while. I always tried to stay positive and did some exercises when possible in order to get the feeling back in my legs.

become taller with precice x rayMy whole experience with Wannabetaller and Precice method was very good, I would recommend to whoever decides to get a limb lengthening out of their country to take a family member or friend. I also recommend keeping up with the exercises after the surgery and if possible pay attention to detail on how to work machines for lengthening since to my surprise outlets in Turkey are very different from the ones in US, also make sure that you also learn the language or have a great escort as I did to make your journey easier.

Today is my last day and the team of Wannabetaller and Doctors have arranged everything so that I may fly back home to the US, I have my medical machines in order and I am ready to continue the lengthening process in my own home.

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