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Limb Lengthening Surgery Options Worldwide

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limb lengthening surgery worldwide

The choice of country for undergoing a serious procedure such as limb lengthening is a tough one, without any doubt. Almost all people who wish to become taller have at least once dreamt about limb lengthening surgery in the USA. Two names, Dr. Paley and Dr. Rozbruch, immediately come to the mind of many of us. These names have become the gold standard in the industry for a good reason: each of these doctors have pioneered some of the widely known limb lengthening surgery methods, and they have also performed a large number of leg lengthening operations up till now.

The level of healthcare in the USA is quite high. Unfortunately, so are the prices: limb lengthening surgery costs are around 100-120,000 USD range in the centers of one of these surgeons. But honestly, are all of us (at least half of us) ready to invest an amount, equal to the price of a really nice car (or a house in most countries) in a surgery which is quite traumatic and gives around 6-8 cm (approx. 3 inches) height increase in return? Of course there are people who wouldn’t even think twice, if they had the money.

We want to compare some of the countries and regions where limb lengthening surgery is widely performed, in regards to their quality, prices, offered services, and generalized patient reviews. We hope that this article will provide an insight into options, for people who cannot afford 6-digit amounts but still strive for height increase surgery.


France, Germany, UK etc.

betzbone nail limb lengthening surgery options

In so called “developed countries”, there are well-known limb lengthening surgeons, some of whom have contributed to leg lengthening industry by developing their own limb lengthening surgery methods. For example, France has Dr. Guichet, who performs operations with self-developed Guichet nail. In Germany, Dr. Betz widely uses Betzbone nail, which is a competitor device to even more widely known Precice nails.

Healthcare system in these countries are good enough and comparable to those in USA. However, although prices are lower than USA, limb lengthening surgery costs in developed European countries are still unaffordable for the majority of limb lengthening patient candidates.

There are a few institutions that perform limb lengthening and reconstruction in the UK, however they perform leg lengthening only for medical reasons, such as leg length discrepancy. Cosmetic limb lengthening is not performed in this country. This is one of the reasons why we have a big number of requests for height increase surgery from UK.

Serbia, Greece, Spain, Italy etc.

Surgeons such as Dr. Mitkovic from Serbia are one of the well known names of Eastern Europe in the field of leg lengthening surgery. The prices are also much cheaper than most other European countries.  In Greece, the main name is Dr. Giotikas, who is known to successfully perform internal methods such as Precice 2 and Stryde. Spain has doctors such as Dr. Monegal. In Italy, Dr. Catagni and Dr. Pili are known to perform limb lengthening.

Russia, India

ilizarov limb lengthening surgery options

These two countries offer some of the cheapest limb lengthening services in the world. Russia (or USSR to be more precice) was the first country where limb lengthening for height increase was performed. Ilizarov method was the first widely used method, and has been the main (almost only) choice of Russian limb lengthening surgeons. This method is the cheapest one, which dictates the price in Russia. There is an orthopedic center in Kurgan city of Russia. The prices are quite low, which makes it attractive for most patients. However, according to patient reviews on the Internet, the facilities for post-surgery period and the quality of hospitals are insufficient. Also, in modern days, Ilizarov method is an outdated technique at least for cosmetic limb lengthening, and there are more modern and refined methods that fully replace and eliminate the need for big and unreliable Ilizarov frames.

In India, both modern and traditional methods are being performed. India is probably the cheapest option to undergo leg lengthening surgery. It should be noted that there are mixed reviews about Indian limb lengthening doctors in general. There are really good doctors who have good academic and practical background, really care about the patient and have all necessary equipment. At the same it can be a hit or miss with a number of doctors in India. Some so called surgeons provide so cheap prices that it immediately grabs the attention of patient candidates, which ends up in a catastrophe. Infection is a serious threat in limb lengthening, and most of the hospitals where these cheap surgeries are performed may suffer from poor hygiene.

China, Australia, UK, Canada

These are countries where cosmetic limb lengthening surgery is either banned by authorities, or not performed by doctors. For example, Chinese government has officially forbidden performing limb lengthening for reasons other than medical. This is due to many scammers and unskillful surgeons trying themselves in the “market”, because this surgery is just another very profitable business in their eyes. There have been a number of serious limb lengthening surgery complications in China, and it was the final droplet.

In countries such as Canada, the healthcare system has its own quirks that makes undergoing a surgery like limb lengthening impossible. This is one of the reason why we receive a significant portion of our patients from countries such as UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


Being located in an important geographic and economic position, Turkey has developed in many areas, including healthcare and tourism. Turkey is one of the reputable countries in regards to cosmetic procedures, such as hair transplantation, dental implants etc. There are a lot of options for every kind of budget. The same thing is valid for limb lengthening surgery. There are surgeons with academic background who have had training in USA or European countries. The hospitals where limb lengthening operations are performed are hygienic and high quality, with all necessary equipment and respectable worldwide certification such as JCI. These modern and developed facilities are mainly in Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey.

It is highly important to pay attention to the choice of surgeon. We recommend trying to have an online consultation with the doctor you are considering. We can arrange a video appointment with limb lengthening surgeons in Turkey. You are welcome to pay us a visit and see hospitals and doctors with your own eyes, and also have a really good time in the magnificient city of Istanbul with your personal companion speaking your language.

limb lengthening surgery options worldwide

Those who are planning to get leg lengthening surgery done should keep in mind that post-operation period is equally important as the surgery itself. Once the surgery is performed, it does not mean everything is finished. The most critical part is distraction and recovery (bone consolidation) period, which takes months. You should have everything planned:
accommodation, physiotherapy, transportation, doctor check-ups and regular x-rays etc. Istanbul has a lot to offer in this sense. Our team has been in limb lengthening field for long enough to have good relationships with a good number of hotels, physiotherapists, x-ray imaging centers and many other service providers. Wannabetaller is able to provide best possible services in Istanbul for you without wasting your time and money.

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Fiona Graham 2023-01-14 09:45:40

This is for a 19 year old girl (dwarf) 130 cm tall. Can she become 160 cm tall? Do you do just tibia or upper leg too? How long in total to stay in Istanbul for this surgery. She also has a very short neck....is there something that can be done about that?


WannaBeTaller - Makbule2023-01-14 14:15

Hello, thanks for your comment. 30 cm gain is possible with individuals who have got dwarfism. However, the doctor needs to see the X-rays and do the physical examination to give the best-estimated height achievement with the limb lengthening surgery. We kindly ask you to reach out to us through email or Whatsapp to have fast communication and provide the images for the doctor's evaluation. For the neck, there is nothing that can be done to make it longer. PN: +90 531 988 30 90 EM: support@wannabetaller.com Regards, Wannabetaller Team

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