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Leg Lengthening Surgery is usually one of the most important decisions for a patient to make. Especially considering limb-lengthening surgery doctors and costs; it can be a very expensive and intense process to dive into. However, when a patient decides that they want to undergo cosmetic surgery, it becomes necessary for the patients to have access to all the details and information from the very start.  It is crucially important for them to understand the whole process; the way of the surgical process works, how to schedule the operation date, what to expect for post-surgery, and finally the recovery period. Too many factors must be taken into account related to height increase surgery. Recently, as patients have become more aware of the existence, popularity, and economic viability of limb-lengthening surgery doctors and costs, this has naturally allowed most patients to take notice of the surgery. Notably, in the last few decades, since newer surgical devices and techniques have been invented and practiced by numerous doctors around the world, patients must be aware of the costs and surgical processes which are constantly being updated. In this case; techniques, prices, and the expertise of doctors are the first ones to be compared by the patients. 

Limb Lengthening Surgery Doctors And Costs 2022

It is highly significant and essential for patients to comprehend that any surgical treatment or procedure carries some degree of risks and complications. Although limb lengthening surgeries have a very high rate of success, and patients who have had limb lengthening surgery got through it without facing any sort of complications and problems, there are still rare cases of risks involved such as bone infection, slow bone union, and so on. For instance, the risk of infection is always present till the fixators are removed given the fact that the external fixators are attached to the legs. Thus, such a risk could materialize and cause unnecessary problems if the patient is without proper care and hygiene routines. 

Additionally, one of the most important factors to consider with any limb-lengthening surgical procedure is the doctors themselves. The doctors, hospitals, and medical teams must have ample experience with this particular type of surgery as well as have proper post-operation patient care and handling post-surgical complications. After considering all these things along with the costs and surgical method, patients are expected to have the best medical experience with the surgery from a doctor who has years of surgical experience with limb-lengthening surgery and has a good team behind it.

Lastly, it must be kept in mind that cosmetic limb lengthening surgery is overall a pricy treatment for all those patients whose lives have been impacted due to short or limited stature. Yet, the cost of the surgery may be unaffordable for some. Furthermore, most medical insurance companies regard height surgery as a cosmetic surgical procedure, thus, it is not covered by most medical insurance policies. The overhead costs in countries; such as the U.S.A or Europe make the surgery highly expensive in comparison to Turkey in terms of hospitals, doctors, medical equipment, and staff are much more whereas Turkey is one of the countries which offers reasonable prices and qualified medical services. 

Hence, we will try to provide you with a comprehensive list of limb-lengthening surgery doctors and costs in various countries to choose the best possible lengthening surgery within your budget and reach out in this blog spot. 

However, before having a glimpse of the limb-lengthening surgery doctors and costs available worldwide; we would like you to consider taking a glance at our Doctors, Medical teams, and Surgical Methodologies that we practice, and the relative costs.

The List of Limb Lengthening Surgery Doctors and Costs (Worldwide-2023)

  1. Op. Dr. Yunus Öç (Istanbul, TURKEY) – 19,850 $ LON method, 47,850 $ PRECICE 2.2, Precice Stryde (Stryde's production has been stopped)
  2. Dr. Paley (the USA) – Bilateral femur lengthening (up to 8 cm of height; cost USD 97,500, PRECICE-Stryde) / Bilateral tibia lengthening (up to 5 cm of height; cost USD 109,000, PRECICE-Stryde)
  3. Dr. Jacob Rozbruch (the USA) – $125,000 (Femur or Tibia) / Nail Removal Fee: $20,000 (Femur or Tibia)
  4. Dr. Shahab Mahboubian (Hollywood CA, the USA) – Bilateral femur lengthening (Precise nail) – $75,000, Bilateral tibia lengthening (Precise nail) – $85,000 & Combined tibia and femur lengthening 3-4 weeks apart – $155,000
  5. LimbPlastx Institute (Las Vegas, the USA) – Dr. Kevin Debiparshad – Femur Lengthening Procedure – USD 75,000 & Tibia Lengthening Procedure – USD 84,000
  6. Dr. Augustin Betz (Germany) – €53,700 for bilateral femoral lengthening and €56,300 for bilateral tibial lengthening (using Betzbone Nail) / REMOVAL for Thigh nails is € 7,200 / REMOVAL for Lower Leg nails is € 7,500
  7. Dr. Rainer Baumgart (Germany) – €120,000 – €160,000 for both femurs and both tibias
  8. Dr. Jean-Marc Guichet (France, Italy) – €52,000 using Guichet Nail
  9. Dr. Donghoon Lee (South Korea) – $37,000 (LON) and $72,000 (PRECICE)
  10. Dr. Franz Birkholtz (South Africa) – $30,000 (External fixators) and $52,000 (PRECICE)
  11. Dr. Maurizio A.Catagni (İtaly) – €20,000 external fixator, €55,000 intramedullary nail
  12. Dr. Daniele Pili (Italy) – €20,000 external fixator, €55,000 intramedullary nail

The services that are included in our prices by Dr. Yunus:

  • Welcoming at the airport
  • VIP transfer throughout the entire process
  • Accommodation in a luxurious hotel for 2 days before the operation
  • Complimentary Istanbul tour (historical places, famous restaurants)
  • All tests and examinations
  • A caretaker who speaks your language during hospitalization 
  • 24-hour specialist nurse support
  • Daily doctor checks
  • Daily Physiotherapy checks (increasing mobility, exercise training) during your stay at the hospital
  • Daily dressing, medication, and pain checks during your stay at the hospital
  • Transfer to the hotel by fully equipped ambulance on the day of discharge from the hospital

The Following Services of Monthly Accommodation Packages:

The Following Services of Monthly Accommodation Packages:
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner (Rich kitchen and dining options)
  • Dedicated staff support throughout the day for your needs and orders
  • Comprehensive physical therapy program specially prepared (5 days a week)
  • Psychological Counselling Service (Twice a month)
  • Weekly doctor follow-ups and check-ups in the hotel room
  • Dressing and nurse checks in the hotel room
  • All drugs and the delivery of drugs to the patient and follow-up of their use
  • X-ray service in the hotel room without disturbing the comfort of the patient
  • All-day use of gym, cafe, restaurant
  • Activities outside the hotel and special tours for the patients to relax, breathe and increase their motivation once a month
  • Daily room cleaning, clean towels, and linen changes
  • Free WI-FI internet
  • 24/7 business center use for those who continue their work remotely

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Tiffany Mayberry2023-01-17 20:28:23

I was born with no right hand and half a forearm..I want to do the limb lengthening surgery


WannaBeTaller - Makbule2023-01-18 11:44

Hello, you need to see an orthopedic surgeon at the nearest hospital and get an X-ray done. Based on the clinical results, they may suggest you prosthesis because limb lengthening cannot be performed.

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