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Limb Lengthening In Turkey And The Rest Of The World

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Limb Lengthening in Turkey & the World

limb lengthening in turkey and rest of the worldTo find the best leg lengthening surgeons in the world, you need to do a lot of research. Especially from the stages of surgery to the healing process and after the hold you need to master every detail. Ilizarov, Holyfix, LON, Precice, STRYDE methods are used in limb lengthening surgery. LON is currently the most preferred method by patients because of its short recovery time and low price. How does this surgery from then to now? Well, when we look at the process of surgery, in step 1, an intramedullary nail is inserted into the bone and an external fixator device is attached to the leg externally. During the extension period, the intramedullary nail prevents angular deformation. When the extension is complete, the external fixator can be removed by completing the internal fixation (screw insertion). This was a groundbreaking development compared to the original method involving the use of external fixators only.

Even today, many limb length surgeons around the world use this method. After the operation, you will be in bed the first day. You can use the daywalker and do your needs. Depending on your situation, you will spend 5 days in the hospital. You should be patient for two months after surgery. Because you’re gonna be 1 mm taller every day. Over time, there may be tension in the legs. However, this is temporary. After the extension is over, the pain subsides and the tension ends.

If a patient wants to extend 10-14 cm, it is preferable to make 6-7 cm in the femur (innominate bone) independently instead of 5-7 cm in the tibia (shin-bone) and then 10 cm in one part. The flexibility of your legs is also important. The more flexible your legs are, the more comfortable you will be when stretching.

Although this is an operation method, it is completely cosmetic. The limb lengthening procedure may take some time, but in the end, you can restore your health before surgery and do the sports you want. For many types of sports, you may have to wait up to 1 year after recovery. The key is to be patient, follow your doctor’s instructions, do your exercises and care about your overall health.

Limb length disparency (LLD) is not a problem for everyone, but it is difficult to stay positive when it affects you or someone you know from life to the end. Do not give up! It is important to remember that you are not alone. People all over the world are fighting limb disparency and have come together to form a community of support and understanding. The important thing is to investigate and decide, then all you have to do is hand over to the best limb lengthening surgeon.


The main advantage of the LON method is that the duration of the entire procedure is shortened more than the conventional methods and thus the patient’s comfort is greatly increased. This has a more positive effect on patient psychology due to the early removal of the device. As with a motorized nail, you do not need a wheelchair in the first months. Patients usually start to walk using support from the second day.

When we look at the disadvantages, operation time is longer than conventional operation. The experience of the physician who will undergo surgery will play a more important role. Due to the use of intramedullary nails, prices are slightly higher than conventional methods. Remember that choosing the wrong surgeon and the wrong country will also adversely affect the results.


Leg lengthening surgery is often a very serious issue in many respects. When a patient decides that he wants to have cosmetic surgery – the need for detailed information becomes more important from the very beginning; patients need to fully understand the whole process. In particular, how the surgical procedure will take place and what will happen during the preoperative and postoperative recovery. Limb Lengthening Surgery has become popular and much more common in the last few decades; Methodology and surgical techniques for leg lengthening are constantly updated and revised to meet new innovative developments; provides better height increase and patient comfort.

The prices of the leg-lengthening surgeries are dependant on several factors, including, the doctors, the methods used in this surgery and the postoperative stay, physiotherapy, quality of services and so on. The prices and costs vary accordingly; thus the patient needs to analyze all of these factors before thinking about the surgery.

When we observe the prices of Limb Lengthening in Turkey and the costs of Limb Lengthening surgeries throughout the world, especially in the USA; Dr. Paley takes $97,500 for bilateral femoral lengthening and $109,000 for bilateral tibial lengthening using PRECICE Stryde and Dr. Jacob Rozbruch takes $120,000 using PRECICE. In Germany, prices are € 52,500 for bilateral femoral lengthening and € 55,500 for bilateral tibial lengthening. For both femurs and tibia, prices range from 120,000 € to 160,000 €. Limb Lengthening in Turkey is cost-effective and hygienically, a contrast to other countries, 22,850$ LON method, $44,850 intramedullary nail (PRECICE 2).

However, there are many doctors in Russia, India, and Pakistan who have been very successful in performing the Leg Lengthening surgical procedure; but unfortunately; they face significant negative reviews, especially for the countries listed above. In general, complaints about the effectiveness of doctors or the hygiene of facilities and the overall quality of service in hospitals. They are not the best country for leg lengthening surgery, unfortunately. In general, medical practitioners or doctors who tend to attract economic bargaining or patients with the lowest price attractiveness; After the surgery is completed and payments are made, they tend to neglect patients in the postoperative stages; A time that is special for any leg extension surgery. So it’s wrong to make a surgery choice in that country just because it’s cheap.

However, for those who think seriously about such a limb lengthening surgery procedure, it should be told that limb lengthening in Turkey has to offer a very balanced option. It means as said before price and cost compared to those in Eastern Europe and facilities and doctors of similar quality to those practicing in Western countries such as Germany, England, France, and the USA; Limb Lengthening in Turkey offers the best surgeon, thus a best of both worlds. According to our medical excellence and our commitment to quality medical services, currently, the world’s highest JCI Turkey to indicate that it has licensed medical institutions and hospitals is remarkable.

limb lengthening in turkey and rest of the world wannabetaller

Why you should choose limb lengthening in Turkey?

Limb Lengthening in Turkey is both hygienic, healthy and fits your budget and you are never more frustrated about communication in addition to them. Because there are services such as meeting and welcoming at the airports and transportation from the airport to hotels and hospitals, as well as an English-speaking carer who will help our patients 24/7. You can also socialize with our famous Turkish restaurants, such as historical and touristic visits, boat tours and free tours including meals. You don’t have to worry about supporting devices that will help you move around the hospital. Here you can easily get answers to your questions with free consultation support to doctors and counselors when you are done, even when the patient needs it, even after the lengthening is complete.

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G.S. 2023-03-11 08:48:52

I write to you from El Salvador. I will be happy to know prices for the procedure of lengthening the legs. Thank you.


WannaBeTaller - Makbule2023-03-13 11:52

Hello, thanks for your comment. The surgery prices may vary depending on the surgery methods. The current prices may range from 20 000 USD to 48 000 USD. If you are interested in the online consultation, you can book your free online consultation below: https://calendly.com/wannabetaller/wannabetaller-team-online-consultation For fast communication, you can reach us from Whatsapp or Telegram - +90 531 988 30 90 Regards, Wannabetaller Team

javier 2022-05-03 23:31:31

hi, i´m interested to know prices of limb lengthening pack precice and stride, thanks. I write from Spain


Wanna Be Taller - Admin2022-05-05 12:24

Hello, thanks for your comment. The information you requested has been sent to your email address. Regards, WannaBeTaller Team

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