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Limb Lengthening During Coronavirus

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It is hardly difficult to find any person whose plans haven’t been affected or postponed by the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Many of us had to cancel or re-schedule their international trips, including our dear patient candidates who plan undergoing limb lengthening (arm and leg lengthening), limb shortening and limb deformity correction surgeries.

From another aspect, due to compulsory and voluntary lockdown, many people had the chance to research more carefully about limb lengthening surgery methods, surgeons, clinics etc. and compare the options. The interest and desire for limb lengthening operations hasn’t decreased, actually it is quite the opposite: patient candidates repeatedly ask us about the flight opportunities. They book flights as soon as there is an available option, and there are others who have told us they are waiting for the effects of pandemic to reduce a little bit, in order to come to Turkey immediately.

There was a several months long period during which all international flights to and from Turkey were cancelled. Luckily, due to overall improvement in the situation, the flights from some countries have resumed recently. We have made our research to find out which countries allow flights to Turkey at the moment, and in this article we want to share with you the info we have found.

When Flights Will Resume?



Beginning from 20th of June, we have received patients from Germany with direct flights to Istanbul, which proves that our patients from Germany can travel to Turkey at the moment.


According to an article aircanada.com, “internationally, Air Canada will continue to operate from its major hubs to key global destinations in June. This includes service from Toronto to Frankfurt, London, Zurich, Tokyo and Tel Aviv; from Montreal to Frankfurt, London, Paris and Brussels; and from Vancouver to London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seoul…International services will expand further starting in June and early July, including: Montreal to Athens, Rome, Geneva; Toronto to Munich, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Rome and Athens; Calgary to Frankfurt; and, subject to government approval, Vancouver to Shanghai.

Keeping this info in mind, and taking into account the availability of flights from Germany to Turkey, our patients from Canada can try flying to Turkey over Germany (namely Frankfurt city). We are expecting two patients from Canada to come to Turkey in the next 1-3 weeks, who have also confirmed the availability of flying to Turkey in June and July.


According to https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-tr/announcements/coronavirus-outbreak/current-flight-plan/, there will be 3 flights per week from New York (JFK), beginning from 10 July, 2020. Flights from Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles and Washington will resume from an even earlier date, July 1 2020.


For our Chinese patient candidates, there are fewer options. However, it is possible to get hands on 1 flight per week departing from Guangzhou, beginning from 1 August 2020. It was announced by Turkish Airlines that flights will begin from 11 July, however we searched intensively and couldn’t find any direct flights for July. First available flight seems to be on 1 August.


Flights from France to Turkey seem to be restricted at the moment, however French citizens have an option, which is flying over Germany. This was possible by one of our patients who recently travelled from France to Germany then to Turkey. As an additional note, it was announced by French president that borders of France are opened beginning from 18th June.

United Kingdom

We expect flights from London to resume beginning from 1 July, and flights from Manchester from 2 July, based on information provided by Turkish Airlines website. These will be followed by Birmingham flights, which are expected to resume from 16 July.


As of 1 July 2020, it is planned to arrange 7 flights per week from Rome. From Bologna and Venice, there will be 4 flights per week beginning from 2 July. Finally, flights from Milano will resume beginning from 1 July 2020.


There will be four flights a week from Delhi and Mumbai to Istanbul, beginning from 16 July.


Please check this website and choose your country in the list (you can find direct flights to Istanbul in this list):


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