Limb lengthening before after images

Many people, who want to become taller by limb lengthening surgery and seriously consider this procedure, wonder about how patients look before and after limb lengthening surgery. They want to see limb lengthening before after surgery results, and the evidence of our work, in order to believe that surgical method of height increase actually works. We understand this, and we do our best to get materials, photos, videos and x-rays from our patients who undergo limb lengthening surgery.

However, there is a significant obstacle. Most people who want to grow taller through surgery prefer to keep it as a secret, and they don’t want their families, friends or even strangers to know that they have undergone height increase surgery. It makes getting limb lengthening before after images and videos difficult. For this reason, the images and videos you see on our website is much less than the total number of our actual patients. But still, thanks to our caring patients who agree to share their visuals with us, we are presenting you some of the images we have.

First patient we are going to talk about had LON surgery on tibia.

This x-ray image was made several days after limb lengthening surgery was performed and the process of bone lengthening (distraction) began. You can already see the gap formed in the bone, which roughly equals to 1-2 cm height increase. For those who haven’t followed our Instagram posts yet, this is LON method.

We hope these limb lengthening surgery results from our dear patients are useful for you. To see more videos and images from our archives, please contact our patient consultants: +90 531 988 30 90 (WhatsApp/Telegram) or [email protected]

    You will be informed about the lengthening increase, lengthening process, the prices of the surgical methods, the difference of the methods, the risks of the surgery.

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