ABOUT Assoc. Prof. Dr Ozgur Karakoyun MD

Who is Assoc. Prof. Dr Ozgur Karakoyun MD?

Ozgur Karakoyun is an orthopedics and traumatology specialist who mainly focuses on limb deformations correction and stature increase operations. Besides his broad experience of working with classic external fixators and computer-aided smart fixators, Dr. Ozgur is also experienced in application of intramedulary nails for leg lengthening.He has numerous academic works in this area, and many of these have been published in international journals.


  • Marmara University, Medicine (in English) (2004)
  • Shishli Etfal Educational and Research Hospital – Orthopedics and Traumatologic Clinic (internship) (2010)

Career and Honours

  • Shishli Etfal Educational and Research Hospital – Internship (2005-2010)
  • Kastamonu Dr. Munif Islamoghlu State Hospital (2010-2013)
  • Namik Kemal University, Faculty of Medicine (2013-2016)
  • Associate Professor (2016)


  • Limb lengthening
  • Treatment of leg and arm deformities
  • Treatment of fractures accompanied with delay in bone union or non-union
  • Treatment of bone infections (ostheomyelitis)
  • Deformities in foot shape
  • Degenerative joint illnesses
  • Knock knees in children

Surgical Methodology in Practice

  • LON (Lengthening Over Nails)
  • Computer-aided Smart External Fixator
  • Precice 2.2 (Motorized Nail)
  • Precice Stryde


  • 2013 Best Article (Journal of Clinical and Analytical Medicine, 2013)
  • OSTEO 2012 Best Research Award (10thOstheoporosis and Joint Surgery Congress, 2012)
  • Best Papers of LLRS’: 19th Annual Scientific Meeting, July 2009 & AAOS – LLRS Specialty Day -2010,
    Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society , USA, 2009

Limb Lengthening Surgery Cost

  • Precice – 35.250 €
  • Precice Stryde – 54.500 €
  • LON Method – 17.000 €
  • Computer-aided Smart External Fixator– 13.500 €
  • Limb Discrepancy – 9.000 €
  • Limb Correction Surgery (Bow Legs) – 7.500 €
  • Limb Shortening Surgery – 12.000 €


  • Prices for patients coming from abroad will be given after consultation with the hospital management.
  • As bone lengthening systems vary depending on patients, there may be increase or decrease for 10% in mentioned prices. Final pricing is done after the length film measurements of the patient.
  • Price includes treatment packages of 5-day stay in the hospital, the hospital charges, medicine charges, lengthening system fees and the cost of the operation.
  • Additional pricing is done for patients who want to stay in the hospital more than 5 days.
  • Hospitality, nursing, physical therapy and etc. services are provided for patient who want to continue treatment in Istanbul.
  • Pricing for unilateral shortness, shortness of fingers, shortness of arms and legs is done after the evaluation of the patient.


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