Jason from UK: LON leg lengthening in Turkey

Jason chose LON leg lengthening method to lengthen femurs. His plan is to increase his height by 7-8 cm.

We had a long period of communicating, questions and answers, arrangements before Jason actually came to Turkey. It actually took several months, since the summer of 2019.

Preparing for limb lengthening surgery
Preparing for limb lengthening surgery

Finally in January, we were happy to see Jason here in Istanbul.

We had asked his ticket details prior to his coming, to be able to meet and take him to his hotel. After having a good rest, on the next day morning, we accompanied Jason through initial medical controls (blood tests etc.) and also meeting with his limb lengthening surgeon.

Here are some photos from preparation session to Jason’s limb lengthening surgery in Turkey.

Final moments before limb lengthening operation


As always, we regularly checked Jason, although we had already arranged a caretaker who was around him all day during his hospital stay. All necessary instructions regarding how to do daily distraction after LON limb lengthening surgery and how to change bandages around pin sites were given.

Bandage change and cleaning after LON limb lengthening surgery

Our short but joyful acquaintance with Jason came to an end, and after 5 days of hospitalization, we took him to the airport for departure.

Here are x-rays of the patient, taken right after the surgery:

X-rays taken shortly after limb lengthening surgery with LON method
X-rays taken after limb lengthening surgery by LON method

In this video, you can see how we give instructions on how to perform daily bone lengthening, using a special key to operate the external fixator:


Jason achieved 6 cm height increase from femur lengthening! He was kind enough to provide is short video after his brilliant recovery:

There will be videos and more images soon, please stay tuned…

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