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Is Turkey Safe to Travel?

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Before deciding to get your limb lengthening surgery in Turkey, you might hesitate if is Turkey safe for tourists, how will the procedure work, if it is safe to stay for a period as a tourist, etc. In this article, all your anxieties will be relieved about the safety of Turkey for traveling and medical tourism specifically.

Is Turkey Safe to Travel?

Is It Safe to Travel to Turkey 2023?

When it comes to planning a trip, safety is a top concern for any traveler. Turkey, with its rich history, stunning landscapes, and cultural diversity, has always been a popular tourist destination. It is a country that is located between Europe and Asia and has land on both continents but mostly on Asia. Our country’s population is over 85 million and it is continuing to grow. However, in the light of recent events that you might have heard on the news and may wondering how safe is Turkey your concerns may have increased but we will explain in detail that Turkey is safe for traveling completely and 25 million international tourists visit Turkey each year, according to research that is published on the Statista website. We will delve into the safety measures implemented by the Turkish government and provide you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Turkey's Safety Measures

1- Enhanced Security Measures

Turkey has taken significant steps to ensure the safety of tourists. The government has increased security measures, especially in popular tourist areas; such as, Sultanahmet, Taksim, Beşiktaş, etc. to provide a safe environment for visitors. Increased police presence, security checks, and surveillance systems are some of the measures in place to safeguard tourists. Law enforcement personnel are deployed strategically to maintain a visible presence and deter any potential threats. This not only helps to prevent incidents but also assures tourists that their safety is being closely monitored.

To further enhance security, rigorous security checks have been implemented at various points of entry, including airports, train stations, and major tourist attractions. These checks are designed to identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring the safety of both domestic and international travelers. Although these measures may occasionally lead to slightly longer waiting times, they contribute significantly to maintaining a secure environment. The Turkish government has also invested in state-of-the-art surveillance systems, which are strategically placed in popular tourist areas. These surveillance systems utilize advanced technologies, including CCTV cameras, facial recognition software, and crowd monitoring tools, to promptly detect and respond to any security issues. These systems act as an additional layer of protection and enable swift responses to any unforeseen circumstances.

Moreover, close collaboration between law enforcement agencies, tourism operators, and hotel establishments has been fostered to ensure effective communication and coordination. This collaborative effort allows for timely sharing of information, swift response to any security concerns, and seamless cooperation in case of emergencies. It is worth noting that these security measures are not intended to cause inconvenience to tourists but rather to prioritize their safety. Travelers can feel confident that the Turkish government's commitment to providing a secure environment is unwavering.

2- Travel Advisories

Stay updated with travel advisories issued by your government or relevant authorities. While some countries may have issued cautionary advice, it is essential to assess the specific regions affected and the nature of the concerns. Generally, popular tourist destinations in Turkey; such as Istanbul, Cappadocia, and the coastal areas, maintain a high level of security.

3- Assessing Regional Safety

(a) Western and Southern Coastal Areas: Turkey's western and southern coastal areas, including popular tourist spots like Antalya and Bodrum, are known for their pristine beaches, historical sites, and resorts. These areas are generally safe for tourists, with a well-established tourism infrastructure and robust security measures in place.

(b) Eastern and Southeastern Regions: While the eastern and southeastern regions of Turkey may have experienced occasional security issues in the past, it is crucial to note that the situation has significantly improved. 

If you are having some anxieties before coming to Turkey due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, be sure that Turkey is not affected by the war. Although Ukraine and Russia are close to Turkey geographically, Turkey is not a part of the war.

Is Turkey Safe for Medical Tourism?

As we have said, Turkey is one of the most preferred destinations for international tourists. Even for the first three months of 2021, 642.000 people came to Turkey only for health tourism, which shows that medical tourism in Turkey is very popular. 

It’s a rare occasion for anything dangerous to happen to medical tourists that come to Turkey for cosmetic surgery because they are being protected by their own consular during their stay. It's a very little probability that you may experience any problems due to security. In addition, as the WannaBeTaller team, we will be with you throughtout your whole traveling and limb lengthening process.

Is it safe to Get Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey?

First of all, we, the WannaBeTaller team really care about our patient’s safety and health, like our own. The moment you decide to get your limb-lengthening surgery is also the start of our journey with us.

If you are wondering about the Visa procedure, you must apply for a visa or an e-visa, months before your arrival in Turkey. You apply through online or the embassies. If your Visa procedure takes too long, we can help you with that as well. As the WannaBeTaller team, we are able to send you medical invitation letters thanks to our membership in the Turkish Service Exporters Association. This will speed up the process and your arrival be on time. To get more detailed information about the Visa procedure for your height surgery in Turkey, please visit this page.

We will welcome you at the airport as soon as you step into Istanbul and we will take you to your safe Hotel with VIP vehicles. Your hotel will be Days Hotel by Wyndham Esenyurt. It is away from the crowded parts of Istanbul, which lowers the chance of coming across dangerous situations. In addition, a caregiver that knows your language will accompany you through your whole leg lengthening surgery process, so that you will be in good hands.

In conclusion, Turkey remains a captivating and beautiful travel destination. While safety concerns may exist, the Turkish government has taken proactive measures to enhance security, particularly in popular tourist areas. By staying informed, adhering to local regulations, and contacting your patient consultant if you are spending your limb lengthening surgery process with us, you can enjoy a safe and memorable trip to Turkey in 2023. Remember to consult official travel advisories and local authorities for the most up-to-date information. Happy travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I do if I need assistance while in Turkey? 

If you need assistance while in Turkey, it is advisable to contact your embassy or consulate. They can provide you with important updates, safety information, and assistance in case of emergencies. We also provide all the assitance our patients need during their process.

2. Are there any specific safety concerns for solo female travelers in Turkey? 

Turkey is generally a safe destination for solo female travelers. However, it is recommended to exercise the same caution and common sense as you would in any other country. 

3. Which regions of Turkey are considered safe for travelers? 

Western and southern coastal areas, including popular tourist spots like Antalya and Bodrum, are known for their safety, well-established tourism infrastructure, and robust security measures; however, Istanbul, in general, is being protected. It is advisable to check the latest travel advisories and consult local authorities for any specific region.

4. What safety tips should I follow when traveling to Turkey? 

It is recommended to register with your embassy, stay informed through reliable sources, respect local customs and traditions, secure your belongings, and remain vigilant, especially in crowded areas and public transportation.

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Robin Conway 2023-05-22 15:56:54

I've been itching to visit, but I've always wondered about the safety aspect. Can you tell me as someone who lives in the country that is Turkey a safe country? Thanks a bunch


Wanna Be Taller - Makbule2023-05-31 11:30

Hello, thanks for your comment. Turkey has been a popular destination for medical tourism, including cosmetic procedures. Turkey has a well-established and reputable healthcare system, with many highly skilled doctors and modern medical facilities. You can come here with your mind at ease and do the surgery. Best regards, WBT.

Talia Barton 2023-05-22 15:49:30

As someone who has been considering visiting Turkey, one of my main concerns was is turkey safe to visit. Based on the content here, I believe that Turkey can be a wonderful and safe travel destination.


Wanna Be Taller - Makbule2023-05-22 16:01

Definetly, and it is a popular destination mainly for people from European countries. Regards, WBT.

Elissa Shields 2023-05-22 13:32:05

Hey there! I just stumbled upon this blog post while researching about traveling to Turkey. I was going to ask is turkey safe for Americans? Thanks in advance.


Wanna Be Taller - Makbule2023-05-31 11:29

Hello, thanks for your comment. Turkey has been a popular destination for medical tourism, including cosmetic procedures. Turkey has a well-established and reputable healthcare system, with many highly skilled doctors and modern medical facilities. You can visit here with peace of mind and do your desired procedure. Best regards, WBT.

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