Is Truly Limb Lengthening Worth It?

is truly limb lengthening worth it

Question: Is truly limb lengthening worth it?

It should be clear to our readers by now that limb lengthening surgery is the only effective way available to become significantly taller. People who have grown past their height growth phase and still have an irresistible urge to grow taller are usually left with a dilemma: either bite the bullet and go for limb lengthening surgery, or stay away and cross out this option, of course being content with their current height. There are many people who want to become taller no matter what, who will take any risk and pay any money only to achieve the height growth they aim. In contrast, there is an even higher number of people who have an intention to go for limb lengthening surgery, but wonder “is truly limb lengthening surgery worth it?”. They are concerned about the expenses, required time frame, and especially possible health effects. This article aims to provide a brief answer to the question “is truly limb lengthening surgery worth it?”.


Limb lengthening surgery costs and all other related expenses (accommodation, physiotherapy, food, medicine, aid services etc.) is what comes into mind first. It is definitely not easily affordable for most of us to undergo leg lengthening surgery without even thinking about financial arrangements, as the surgery can be quite expensive.. If you go for Precice Stryde surgery in the USA, of course you may expect to see six figured price tags (120,000 $ and more). But it doesn’t have to be so expensive everywhere. There are surgery methods such as LON, widely used in countries such as Turkey for example, which costs a fraction of what Precice costs in the USA. Which will still give you the desired height gain. LON method involves external fixation, walking is a little more limited and patients have to be more careful during their treatment, but it still is an effective, reliable and promising limb lengthening method. It is definitely easier to save up something around 15,000-20,000 USD rather than 100,000-120,000 USD.


We frequently see in comments under posts about limb lengthening, stating that “limb lengthening requires being bound to bed for long months, usually around a year or so”. This is absolutely not true. Although limb lengthening procedures take months, patients are able to walk, sit, go for short walks and meet their own needs. Especially after the first 2-3 months when bone lengthening process is finished, walking becomes easier, and patients eventually return to their normal daily life activity. The only long-time restriction is doing sports: patients are not allowed to lift weights, jump or run for the first 1 year or so, till bones fully consolidate. Even though limb lengthening still requires careful time planning and dedication, it is not as limiting as many people think. Many of our patients have been able to continue their studies and work in 3-5 months time after surgery, some of them even earlier.

is limb lengthening worth it

Health effects

Currently, there are no reported long-term or permanent health effects of limb lengthening surgery. As in any surgery, there are possible risks of complications, but these are very small possibility and these complications are preventable and treatable. For more details about risks and complications, please feel free to check our video:

As it can be concluded from this article, limb lengthening surgery is not a pure danger, evil or worthless effort. It has its own challenges and the decision is not an easy one, but it is worth giving a chance. Feel free to contact our patient consultants to get detailed info about our available surgery methods, pre and post-surgery procedures, and related arrangements from hotel to physiotherapy. We are sure that the info you acquire will help you easily make the decision which is the best and most suitable for you.

    You will be informed about the lengthening increase, lengthening process, the prices of the surgical methods, the difference of the methods, the risks of the surgery.

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