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How can I make myself taller? Tips To Increase Height

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 Since the beginning of time, being tall has been an advantage and a very desirable and necessary trait for the survival of the fittest. From this point of view, evolution hasn't changed anything. As time went on and civilizations changed, people became more accepting of tall people and less accepting of short people. 

There are many cosmetic surgeries for things like aging, shaping the body, getting rid of fat, and other flaws that people think they have. And height is a common problem that many people have to deal with. Some people have it, and those who don't often dream about it. Then there are people who mog because they aren't tall enough. 

Disadvantages of Being Short

Mogging is a form of bullying that is done to short or average-height people. It's an unofficial word for when taller people do things that hurt or hurt other people who aren't as tall. 

Many people who are about average height are happy with their height. They may or may not be treated badly because of their height. Some people dislike their height, but they don't know what to do about it or what other options they have aside from things that don't work. People who are mog-victims often have limbs that are different lengths or other health problems that make it hard for them to grow and develop normally. 

Height Mogging Signs 

It's not a secret that tall people are often seen as confident and in charge. But when it comes to mogging, confidence and power are often signs of a sense of being better than others. The need to be in charge of people who are smaller than you is the most important thing, and it's bad. Moggers are people who are too dramatic and mean and who think they are better than people who aren't as tall as they are. They insult, bother, and threaten others to make themselves feel better. 

Many people have issues with their looks and height that make them feel bad about themselves and their bodies. These effects are made worse by social media, which makes height a very sensitive and traumatic subject. 

Another disadvantage of being short is talking to other people might cause neck and shoulder pain from having to look up all the time. Also, big groups of people can be scary because it's easy to get swept away or suffocate. Shopping for clothes is also hard because clothes are always too long or too short. 

To sum up, a person's height can have a big effect on their mind, their social life, and their body. As a child and as an adult, it can be hard to be shorter. It also has a lot of advantages. It's too bad that people's ideas about short people sometimes make them miss out on the good things about being short. 

At the end of the day, height is just one of many basic characteristics that contribute to a person's overall appearance. While some people want to know how to get taller, beauty may be discovered at any height. But it's also true that no one walks into a bar and tells someone who likes "You have a beautiful brain."

Do natural ways to get taller work? 

Many people say they know how to quickly get taller. Some people still think that the way to get taller is to stretch and do certain exercises. Some people say that climbing and hanging exercises, swimming, or using an inversion table will help you grow taller. 

But there is no scientific evidence to back up these procedures. At most, some of these exercises might cause the discs between the vertebrae to relax, which would temporarily bring back the natural height. This, along with the way these exercises stretch the muscles, could make someone think they are actually getting taller. But there's no quick way to grow taller.

However, there are medical techniques that can significantly raise your height. 

These treatments are known as "lengthening surgery," and they have been used safely for many years. Thousands of people who had leg lengthening surgery years ago are still functioning and quite well.

What Can You Do About Your Height? 

If you are an adult who is unhappy with your height, here are some suggestions: 

  • Maintain proper posture: Poor posture can cost you a few inches of height. 
  • Try heels or inserts: Choose shoes with higher heels or inserts to add a few inches to your height. 
  • Lift weights to grow muscle to look and feel stronger: If you feel small in general, lifting weights to gain muscle can help you look and feel more powerful and confident. 

Some people seek growth hormone treatment (GH). While GH can help children who are not growing normally, the benefits of this medication in adults are unlikely. 

However, due to the high cost of these procedures, many people cannot afford them. As the Wanna Be Taller Team, we want you to benefit from a high-quality and professional health service while visiting Istanbul, one of Turkey's and the world's leading cities, and carrying you to your dreams at affordable prices.

Can I get taller after 18?

No matter how well people eat, how much they exercise and participate in sports, or how many vitamins they take, most people stop growing after the age of 18 or 20. Your bones, specifically your growth, are the cause of your height plateau. 

The growth plates, also known as epiphyseal plates, are specialized cartilage areas near the ends of your long bones. Because the growth plates are still active or "open," height gains are mostly related to the lengthening of your long bones. 

Hormonal changes at the end of adolescence lead the growth plates to harden or "close," causing bone lengthening to stop. 

What is the age requirement for limb lengthening surgery?

The key factor determining the age requirement for limb lengthening is the reason for the surgery. Most treatments to correct birth abnormalities are performed as soon as feasible, usually on newborns and young children. This ensures appropriate growth while they are young and takes advantage of how quickly their bones and tissues repair. This is not the case with cosmetic limb lengthening. If the procedure is only for cosmetic reasons, the minimum age is determined by when the patient's growth plates stop expanding. It usually lasts from the end of youth to the beginning of adulthood (18-25 years). 

The fundamental reason for the varied minimum age limits is that patients with open bone growth plates may naturally grow to a height that makes them happy. If surgery is still required, there are various methods for lengthening the limb depending on whether or not the person is still growing. It is crucial to note that methods used on fully grown patients, such as lengthening over nailing (LON) or PRECISE/STRYDE nailing, are frequently easier and require less time to heal than methods used on growing patients. 

Limb lengthening surgery can be performed at any age, but surgeons must evaluate the patient's bone density, bone quality, and bone mineral density. The limb bones must be strong enough to grow back and unite following surgery, regardless of the patient's age. In addition, surgeons will consider the patient's overall physical strength, fragility, and any underlying health issues that may affect how long it takes to recover. As a result, some plastic surgeons may advise that height surgery be performed before the age of 50, when bones may begin to lose strength and quality. 

However, it should be noted that even persons with weak bones might benefit from limb lengthening. Their physical limitations can be compensated for with physiotherapy and a diet that promotes bone growth.

Limb lengthening surgery is the only option to obtain the desired height. Aside from that, given the closed growth plates, there is nothing that can provide long-term results. Before committing to such surgery, conduct some studies to fully understand the procedure. 

You can learn more about the various limb lengthening surgery methods

You can also watch videos regarding limb lengthening surgery methods on our YouTube channel.

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