Do Height Increasing Shoes Really Help to Grow Taller?

Short men and women have disadvantages in several areas in life even when compared with people of average height. This is the reason height increasing shoes or elevator shoes are doing roaring business. But the real question is whether these shoes really help short people.

height increasing shoesDo Height Increasing Shoes Work?

If you want to look taller by a few centimeters to an inch then height increasing shoes may be good enough. However if you want to add a few inches then you may have to look at other options like – surgery, posture correction, natural bone elongation etc.

Surgery involves limb-lengthening process. An internal device is fitted by surgery in your legs, which will allow you to increase height by few centimeters to few inches. However the surgery is painful and expensive. Another disadvantage is that most surgical operations require at least a few weeks of recovery time. However there are some advanced methods that have come in the recent past that allow you to walk with a support device in a few days itself. Other than surgery and height increasing shoes you can use yoga for correcting the posture so that your backbone is absolutely straight without any curve. This can help you in adding an inch or two.

Stretching exercises like swimming, leg stretch, touch toes etc can help in elongating the bones. Doing stretching exercises can increase even the thickness of disks in your spine which can help in adding a few inches. Additionally a good balanced diet and some sound sleep can help your body to grow properly. This is especially beneficial for boys and girls who have not attained puberty yet. And of course the height increasing shoes can add the final few centimeters to make short men and women look perfectly tall.

The right way for you may be lengthening surgeries. Consult a specialist immediately.

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