Growing Taller Exercises To Make You Taller

I’m not sure about you but I’m guessing that most of the people reading this article would like to grow taller quickly, right? The best way to increase your height and fast is to focus on the focal points that allow for growth; the spine, the shin bones and the thighs all have the capacity of stretching and giving you the ability to grow taller. You may want to take a look into the following growing taller exercises to lengthen your legs.

The easiest exercise to start off with is kicking. What kicking does is adds more pressure to the thigh (which is an area that is easy to lengthen). Some kicks to take a look into should be the front snap kick, this is a basic karate kick that requires you to raise your knee and snap out your leg into a kick. Your leg should be about two feet above the ground and as time goes on you should try increasing the speed of the kick.

For those who enjoy it you will be glad to know that cycling is also a great way to lengthen those legs. Again there is a correct manner to do this if you want to see results and this is raising the bike seat two-four inches higher than you usually would have it. You may prefer to start with a stationary bike but it is just as effective as using a free moving bike too.

Again we are going to look at jumping but this time we are looking at jump rope. Jump rope is a simple and effective way for your goal as it puts pressure on your shins as your jump. Your goal is to get up to 500 jumps per session which may seem like much but with enough determination you will be able to reach this in no time.

Finally the last of our growing taller exercises is sprints. As with the jump rope sprinting will put pressure on those shin bones and you will soon see why they are good to help you grow taller quickly. You should look to run about 3 times a week and up to 60 yards per session. Make sure you include rest and don’t overdo it!

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