Femur and tibia lengthening at the same time? Javid from Germany

Femur and tibia lengthening at the same time Javid from Germany

We want to introduce one of our brave patients from Germany, Javid. He was so much determined to become taller that he even insisted on undergoing two limb lengthening surgeries at the same time. Despite all warnings about the difficulty of such a procedure (two surgeries for both femur and tibia lengthening at the same time), he showed his determination and readiness to face all the pain, limitations and possible risks. After long discussions with the patient and the doctor, it was agreed that LATN (Lengthening And Then Nailing) method would be possible to apply to femur and tibia in the same session, and the application of such method would keep costs minimal for the patient. This technique is very similar to LON (Lengthening Over Nails) method, which is a more widely used combined method of limb lengthening. The difference is, in LON method, both external and internal fixation is applied in the first surgery. External fixators are removed soon after bone distraction is over, and internal rods are removed after full recovery of bones. While in LATN method, external fixators are applied first. Bones are lengthened up to the desired amount, within the safe limits, and in the same manner as in other surgery methods. Then, after distraction is over, the external devices are removed and internal nails are applied. These nails continue to support and hold the bone till full consolidation.

Of course, as it is always our duty, we provided information to the patient about the possible negative outcomes, being bound to sitting/lying for several weeks without walking, and experiencing even more pain than patients who undergo only femur or only tibia lengthening. Javid confirmed that he is ready for this surgery no matter what, by signing the Consent Form.

Fingers were crossed, prayers were said and the operation took place. This difficult surgery, which happens extremely rare in cosmetic limb lengthening practice, was a great success. Patient had some pain when he woke up and the effect of anesthesia faded away, but he felt good.


Javid went back home after staying for 2 weeks in Turkey. We are in contact with Javid for his post-surgery follow-up and looking forward to seeing his brilliant height gain results!

UPDATE: Javid gained a total of 15 cm height increase from femur and tibia combined. He came back to Istanbul to have his external fixators removed and internal nails inserted. After the successful surgery, he has already returned back home again. He is already walking with small steps. We wish he walks more and better very soon.

    • Thanks for your comment and good wishes! This patient had a total of 15 cm height increase, came back to Istanbul for external fixator removal, and returned back home. We hope he provides more information and visual materials soon, so that we can update this diary.

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