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Can Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Make Me Taller?

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Human Growth Hormone Treatment

Height is a sensitive matter for many. Those who are not satisfied with their current height and wish to gain at least a few cm (or inches) tend to do extensive research and try a wide variety of remedies to grow taller. Many of them being absurd and proven ineffective, there is one treatment that looks somehow logical and persuasive. We are talking about HGH (human growth hormone) treatment. 

We, as the WannaBeTaller team, do not recommend Growth Hormone Treatment and we don't do this treatment, instead, we do limb-lengthening surgery for height increase.

Human growth hormone is a substance produced by our pituitary gland. It triggers the process of height growth during childhood and adolescence, but there are also other functions of human growth hormone. It is important for regulating body fluids, controlling bone growth, and heart function. There is a number of health issues and medical causes to which human growth hormone can be applied, and these are approved by FDA. In cases of delayed height growth due to Turner syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, human growth hormone deficiency and chronic kidney disease, HGH can be applied under strict guidance of an experienced endocrinologist. These are all applications of human growth hormone on children.

human growth hormone grow taller

There are limited applications of HGH treatment on adults, approved by FDA, some of which are: AIDS-caused muscle wasting disease, human growth hormone deficiency due to pituitary gland diseases. These do NOT include height increase for adults. Because after growth plates (epiphysial plates) of our bones are closed, the bones lose the ability to grow, and additional HGH treatment will not be enough to stimulate them.

To conclude, human growth hormone may be applied with great caution on children who show delayed growth, and the cause behind it is hormone deficiency. It will be of no use in adulthood. After a certain age (usually 16-18) when growth plates have fused,  one can grow taller only by surgical lengthening of bones, which is limb lengthening surgery.

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