Buket is a student who got rid of limb length discrepancy

Hello everyone, I am Buket. I had leg length discrepancy, caused by surgical and medical treatments of childhood illnesses. This difference between two legs increased even more as years passed. This condition was affecting my spinal cord negatively, causing difficulties in walking. Years were going by, I was already accepting this as my fate, but also looking for a doctor with my family. The search of a professional limb lengthening surgeon was both a physical and mental burden on us, and we lived through our days without knowing what to do.

My greatest chance was finding Dr. Ozgur, whom we met in Tekirdag, and who took the burden of this surgery off our shoulders. After a successful surgery, my shorter leg was lengthened millimeter by millimeter, with the help of an implanted lengthening rod. When the procedure and the accompanying physiotherapy was over, I was able to walk longer distances without pain. I continue going to school, and feel myself healthier in my social environment. The risk of scoliosis is not the case anymore.

I am so much thankful to Dr. Ozgur for this leg lengthening surgery and successful treatment!


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