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My Biggest Dream - A Woman Who Wants To Be Taller

Hello everyone. I am one of those who wants to have  limb lengthening surgery, or so called height surgery. Right now, I am 25 years old and 148 cm tall. My goal is not to be too tall, I want to have just a normal height. I’ve been looking for ways how to grow taller since the last year of high school. Up till now, I’d tried almost all height increasing products on the market before I decided to have this surgery; pills, medicines, insoles, limb lengthening books, pilates, stretching exercises, I even thought about taking hormonal medicines.

This is very dangerous and a potential cause of death. Why am I telling you this? I want to avoid you making the same mistakes and not to waste your time, your health, your money;  Cause I’ve lost my years, my best times. No one whose growth plates are closed can lengthen his height with these methods; they are all fake and for commercial purposes. By nature, I’m a very positive person and never give up. That’s why I always try again. Although I could not get any results, I never gave height increasing up.

My high school life wasn’t good at all. While I was in school, I was thinking about going home and getting in bed as soon as possible. I was running away from the people. The main problem was not people who called me “short”, the only problem was with me. Shortness was a problem that affected my whole life; I was not feeling well, I was bothering the clothes I wore.

Most importantly, I did not love myself. It prevented everything I wanted to do. Some years ago, I found out about limb lengthening surgery on the internet when I was in the last year of high school.  I also watched some TV programs about this surgery, and then I started to research.

I have read that the height surgery is both very expensive and risky, because of this I gave up trying to increase my height. On the other hand, I wanted to feel better. I found a way out of this situation, I’ve bought some height increasing insoles and use them to look taller. I always prefer long and loose pants in order not to be apparent from the outside. I have never worn skinny pants. This way, I felt better, but up to a point, of course. Especially in summer, I could not wear flip-flops or I had to buy closed summer shoes all the time.

I would not like to visit anybody, because I thought if I would take off my shoes, the insoles inside of my shoes might appear and people make fun of me. I have not told you about all difficulties which I have been through in. Cause of my stature, I have not even gone to university. I am currently continuing my study with open education, I am a second-year student in the department of justice.

I would want I was used to being short, but could not manage it. I was always dreaming; I thought that if I would have a lot of money, no matter how old I was, I would have surgery and make my dreams come true.  When people were asked what is your life’s biggest dream, everyone answered different things, when I was asked, I said that I want to be taller, whether if I had anything else. Of course, I just said it to myself ????  When I’m tall, all the doors already will be unlocked, and I’ll feel better. I will wake up happy every morning. I will go to work, outside and socializing happier, but if I can’t grow taller, I will live my life postponing something.

“For me, to lengthen my height is like the taste we get from food, water, love…”

I have a dream. It’s found a remedy to make my dream come true, but I can’t achieve it.

Some time passed

I decided to research about the latest developments in height surgery, and coincidentally, I met the Patient Guidance Counselor on this site and realized that I’ve not known anything about this surgery until now. He was a man who had gone through all these procedures and lengthened his height. I can say it was light in my darkness. That moment, I can not explain how I was happy, there is no way to describe it…

I would like to thank to the Patient Guidance Counselor that he answered my questions without being bored, and informed me of developments. It’s nice to have someone who understands me! I postpone my best times until this age, I fooled myself and my years are gone, this is very saddening… I will not postpone my life anymore, I need it to get a taste of life.

I’ve started saving money for my surgery, I will receive a loan for some part of the money from a bank and will have height surgery in Baku.

“I can’t bring back my lost years, but my future is in my hands. I want to do something for myself.”

I know that there are many people like me, I will try to help everyone as much as I can and keep you informed even a little way.  I’m going to achieve my dreams step by step and I’m so happy. I’m still dreaming but this time I’m trying to be used to being tall on the contrary. The moment I get out of surgery and open my eyes will be my “birthday”.  Because this is  my biggest dream!


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Melinda Smith 2024-01-01 08:04:51

I am an Australian 54 year old woman , 5 foot 2 inches tall and would like a full 15 cm height increase over a 12 / 14 month period in 2025 if possible and I can afford it. I would use your accommodation provided. What would the cost be? Could there be a discount if I had 2 other people who are interested with me?


Wanna Be Taller - Makbule2024-01-02 11:19

Hello, thank you for reaching us. Considering the age, our doctor requests AP X-rays from both segments to see the bone integrity as well as bone density results. Based on the clinical results, the doctor determines your eligibility. If you are, then he gives an estimate of the height increase you might achieve in this process. Not only do we provide pre-op services but also post-op services such as accommodation and medical care at our affiliated hotel. Our doctor highly advises patients to spend their lengthening phase here under the supervision of our team for 3 - 4 months. For patients bringing their friends along with them, a favorable discount can be made on the surgery fee. More details will be sent to your email address. Regards, WBT - Medzonia.

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